14+ Antonyms of Delay, Meaning and Examples

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Some common antonyms of delay are timeliness, haste, swiftness, quickness etc. Using these antonyms in sentences can help convey the opposite meaning of delay in various contexts. Continue reading the blog post below and uncover more about the antonyms of delay, with its multiple examples.

Meaning of Delay

Postponing, impeding, or slowing down a task, procedure, event, or activity is referred to as a delay. It entails a time frame in which something is purposefully delayed or slowed down, frequently leading to a departure from the planned course of events.

Antonyms of Delay

Here’s a list of 20 antonyms for “delay”:

  1. Promptness
  2. Speed
  3. Punctuality
  4. Expeditiousness
  5. Swiftness
  6. Haste
  7. Promptitude
  8. Timeliness
  9. Immediacy
  10. Quickness
  11. Acceleration
  12. Hastiness
  13. Advancement
  14. Urgency
  15. Preciseness
  16. Alacrity
  17. Rapidity
  18. Celerity
  19. Expedition
  20. Dispatch

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Usage with Examples

Here are some common examples using delay plus its antonyms:

  • The repair work was carried out with swiftness, minimizing any unnecessary delays.
  • In their eagerness to finish the task, they approached it with haste, avoiding any unnecessary delay.
  • Her promptitude in responding to emails helped prevent any communication delays.
  • The timeliness of the response prevented any delays in addressing the customer’s concerns.
  • The decision was made with immediacy to avoid any further delay in the project.

Antonyms of Delay Quiz!

Pick the correct antonym of the word from the options listed below:

  • Haste
  • Nearly
  • Wishful

Answer: Haste

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