14+ Antonyms of Broad, Meaning and Examples

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Some common antonyms of the word broad are narrow, limited, restricted, constricted, tight, slim, thin, squeezed etc. The word broad has multiple meanings such as not being limited or narrow, or something which includes wide range of things such as broad curriculum, broad range of interests etc.

Meaning of Broad

The word broad has several meanings and the interpretation of each can depend upon the context. We have mentioned below different meanings of broad for your easy reference.

  • Wide in extent or scope
  • General or wide-ranging
  • Open-minded or tolerant
  • Lacking detail or precision

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Antonyms of Broad

Here are some common antonyms of broad mentioned below:

  1. Narrow
  2. Limited
  3. Restricted
  4. Constricted
  5. Tight
  6. Slim
  7. Thin
  8. Tightened
  9. Confining
  10. Compressed
  11. Squeezed
  12. Pinched
  13. Cramped
  14. Confined
  15. Contracted

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Usage with Examples

Here are some common examples of antonyms of broad given below:

  • The road narrowed as it approached the mountain pass.
  • His knowledge of the subject is limited compared to hers.
  • The access to the restricted area is limited to authorized personnel.
  • The river widened after passing through the constricted gorge.
  • The chances of success were slim given the challenging circumstances.
  • The book had a thin plot with little character development.

Antonyms of Broad Quiz!

Pick the correct antonym of broad from the options listed below:

  • New
  • Broken
  • Limited

Answer: Limited

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