9+ Antonyms of Abruptly, with Meaning & Examples 

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The antonyms of “Abruptly” are Slowly, Gradually, Calmly and Deliberately. The word abruptly means an action which takes place suddenly. For more information, read the blog article below and get to know the antonyms of abruptly with meaning and examples.

Meaning of Abruptly

The word “abruptly” is an adverb which describes an action/decision taking place suddenly. Another meaning of this word is when anything happens unexpectedly.

Antonyms of Abruptly 

Here are some antonyms of “abruptly”:

  • Gradually
  • Deliberately
  • Patiently
  • Systematically
  • Carefully
  • Smoothly
  • Cautiously
  • Calmly
  • Methodically
  • Slowly
  • Serenely
  • Hesitantly
  • Simply

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Usage with Examples 

Here are some examples of “abruptly” along with sentences:

  • Gradually: The car gradually slowed to a stop.
  • Cautiously: The hiker cautiously approached the edge of the cliff.
  • Serenely: The lake lay serenely in the valley.
  • Carefully: The dentist carefully looked for the cavities.
  • Patiently: The minister patiently waited while the media asked all the questions. 
  • Calmly: The firefighter calmly assessed the situation.

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Antonyms of Abruptly Quiz

Pick the correct antonym for abruptly from the below-mentioned options:

  • Suddenly
  • Gradually
  • Quickly

Answer: Gradually

What is the opposite of abruptly?

  • Slowly
  • Fast
  • Bear on

Answer: Slowly

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