9+ Antonyms of Audacious, with Meaning & Examples

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Audacious Antonyms

Audacious actions or individuals are often seen as bold and adventurous. The antonyms of “audacious,” which means bold, daring, or fearless, can include words that convey qualities like caution, timidity, or reluctance. Read the blog article below and get to know antonyms of audacious with meaning and examples.

Meaning of Audacious

The word “audacious” is an adjective that describes a person or action as showing a willingness to take bold risks or displaying a lack of fear in the face of challenging or dangerous situations. It often conveys a sense of daring, courage, or confidence that goes beyond what is considered normal or expected.

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Antonyms of Audacious

Here are some antonyms of “audacious”:

  1. Cautious
  2. Timid
  3. Reserved
  4. Hesitant
  5. Meek
  6. Shy
  7. Tentative
  8. Modest
  9. Cautious
  10. Fearful

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Usage with Examples

Here are some antonyms of “audacious” along with sentences:

  • The cautious driver always obeyed the speed limit and followed traffic rules.
  • She was reserved and didn’t reveal much about her personal life.
  • Sarah was hesitant to accept the challenging assignment.
  • The fearful hiker decided not to attempt the steep mountain trail.
  • The team made tentative plans for the weekend, unsure of the weather.
  • His modesty prevented him from boasting about his achievements.

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Antonyms of Audacious Quiz

Pick the correct antonym for audacious from the below-given options:

  • Fearful
  • Clean
  • Guilty

Answer: Fearful

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