What is the Adverb for Work?: Check Meaning, Synonyms & Examples

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Adverb for Work: The word ‘work’ refers to an activity, such as a job, in which a person uses physical or mental effort to earn money in return. Some of the common synonyms of ‘work’ include slog, task, grind, duties and others. To learn more about this adverb with synonyms and examples, continue reading this blog.

What is the Adverb for Work?

The adverb ‘work’ refers to an activity that is being conducted by someone to get money or something in return. The word ‘work’ comes under the Adverb for Manner

Here’s how this word can be included in sentences. 

  • She diligently completed her work before the deadline.
  • The construction workers toiled under the scorching sun to finish the building on time.

9+ Adverb for Work – Synonyms

Check out the list of synonyms for work which can be used if you are looking to expand your English vocabulary. Here are all the words below which will help you use them in sentences.

Adverb for Work Synonyms
  • Labor
  • Toil
  • Effort
  • Manual Labour
  • Working
  • Exertion
  • Service
  • Task
  • Job
  • Slog
  • Grind
  • Duties

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Adverb for Work Examples  

Here are some example sentences on ‘work’ as an adverb and how it can be used. 

  • I enjoy going to work every day because I find my job stimulating.
  • The machine isn’t working properly, I need to call a repair person.
  • We’re doing good work on the new building!
  • I finally finished all my work for today.
  •  Let’s work together to find a solution to this problem.

Adverb Quiz

Attempt the quiz below by filling out the correct adverb for the following questions. 

  1. She completed the project __________.

a) quickly

b) good

Answer: Quickly

  1. They worked __________ to meet the deadline.

a) hard

b) fast

Answer: Hard

  1. He speaks __________ during meetings.

a) loud

b) clearly

Answer: Loud

  1. The team collaborated __________ on the presentation.

a) good

b) well

Answer: Well

  1. She arrived __________ for the interview.

a) early

b) nice

Answer: Early

  1. The report was __________ prepared.

a) careful

b) carefully

Answer: Carefully

  1. He typed the document __________.

a) slow

b) slowly

Answer: Slowly

  1. They discussed the issue __________.

a) thoroughly

b) friendly

Answer: Thoroughly 

  1. The new employee adapted __________ to the company culture.

a) quick

b) quickly

Answer: Quickly

  1. She handled the situation __________.

a) calm

b) calmly

Answer: Calmly

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This was all about the Adverb for Work, its meanings, and examples. Hope you understand the concept and where it’s used. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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