A Piece of Cake Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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A Piece of Cake Meaning

The widely known phrase, ‘A piece of cake’ simply means something that is easily accomplished. Subsequently, this phrase is used in multiple scenarios across the literature and common communication to talk about tasks that are easy. 

In the 1930s Royal Air Force originated the use of the idiom piece of cake to talk about an easy mission. Indeed, the idea to use this phrase was metaphorically related to the task of swallowing a piece of sweet and soft dessert. 

Some people also believe that the phrase originated from the easy-to-win competitions that were organised in the 1870s. As a reward, the jury distributed cakes at these competitions and hence came the relevance. 

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Usage with Examples

In literature, this idiom can also be used to demonstrate a person’s overconfidence over a task. It can also be used to highlight the foolhardiness of a pompous or brainless person. The usage of the word has been widespread. Also, it is a piece of cake to use the idiom, ‘A piece of cake’

A famous poet Frederic Ogden Nash used this idiom in printed form for the first time ever. In his work called Primrose Path, published in 1936, he wrote: 

“Her picture’s in the papers now, and life’s a piece of cake”

This was the first recorded use of this widely used idiom. Besides, given below are some common examples of the usage of the idiom, ‘A piece of cake’.

  1. It took him so long to solve a question which was a piece of cake. 
  2. She is arrogant, talking to her is no piece of cake. 
  3. Hacking into that computer system was a piece of cake for him. 

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Synonyms and Similar Words A Piece of Cake 

Here are some words and phrases that mean the same as A Piece of Cake: 

  1. Child’s play
  2. Five finger exercise 
  3. Kid’s stuff
  4. Cakewalk 
  5. Pushover
  6. Duck soup
  7. Walkover
  8. A piece of old tackie

A Piece of Cake Meaning Quiz

He sounded like dealing with the police was a piece of cake for him, but ____________

  1. He dealt with the situation quite well. 
  2. He seems like an imposter to me. 
  3. He is gossiping with the criminals. 

Ans: He seems like an imposter to me.

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