Is It a Good Idea to Consult an Educational Counsellor?

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Educational Counsellor

The modern education system has become more unrelenting than ever in spite of the opportunities, perks and benefits it offers. Further, with the passage of time, the ballooning responsibilities of making crucial decisions throughout one’s educational journey and beyond into making a successful career is proving to be an uphill task. Add to this, the expectation of parents and pressure of peers to unerringly succeed. In consideration of the above, the job of an education counsellor has also parallelly evolved into a much more complex role filled with many responsibilities from assisting students at school level to throughout their career journey. So, if you are pondering whether it is a good idea to consult an educational counsellor or not, there are several aspects of career counselling that can help you sort your interests and career goals. Through this blog, we will explore these incremental aspects and how education counsellors can play a central role in guiding you in your academic as well as career journey.

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Why Do You Need Counselling?

Embedded significantly within the structure of the UK Education System or French Education System, recognition of education counsellors as essential role-players has still a long way to go in India. Contemporary counselling services help students successfully deal with bullying and abuse, family pressure, academic performance, career choices based on interests, sexual growth along with life skills training and career development. Moreover, with the increasing influence of technology in education in terms of teaching methods and testing evaluation, the job of educators has also been recast. Here is a list of some key issues in which educational counsellors play an integral role in helping students deal with them.

  • Institutions are increasingly becoming culturally, socially and economically more diverse. Although this is a step in the right direction, the process of acclimatization among students with lesser means is slow and demanding. 
  • Development of personality is another major concern. In addition to the intellectual and mental development, growth of interpersonal skills is also a major aspect of maturity. 
  • As making decisions carries a lot more value, students now struggle to make crucial decisions in relation to their education, career and life responsibilities. On the other hand, to face the effects of the decision taken and to continue towards resolving it is also required.
  • Drifting towards discouragement and demoralisation seems has become a common concern and this eventually leads to alteration of mental health. To help maintain a healthy outlook prevents this to a great extent.

Changing Roles of an Educational Counsellor

In consideration of the above, the job of an educational counsellor encompasses, as discussed, involves much more than just to tell them what to study after 12th? Let us glance over these wide-ranging responsibilities:

Counselling, Guidance and Psychology

In modern methods of counselling, techniques of psychology also play a larger role. Right from identifying the inclinations, interests, goals and objectives of students to managing life accountabilities, an educational counsellor takes the much-needed place of a coach and mentor in a student’s life.

Managing Parent-Child Expectations

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To chase the rising expectations of parents with that of their children is another major hurdle. In this respect, reaching out to an educational counsellor during the early years of one’s educational quest can help them sort out their aspirations and assist their parents in understanding what they are interested in and what they want to pursue.

Dealing with Various Other Issues

A considerable majority of students have to deal with instances of abuse, domestic violence, trying financial conditions which contribute to the huge numbers of school dropouts in Indian institutions. In this phase, an educational counsellor can support students deal with these issues without jeopardising their education.

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Leverage Edu: Educational Counselling & Beyond

Recognising the need for quality educational counsellors who go beyond career suggestions, Leverage Edu has gone a step ahead in ensuring that obstacles to road of success are replaced by cornerstones. A few of its unique features are:

  • Leverage Edu’s Algorithmic Counselling is a first-of-its-kind approach towards better career orientation. It maps down your interests and inclinations and then suggests best-fit courses and universities. In addition, the experienced team of head coaches and counsellors have provided their own personal touch to the AI tool as students can connect with a suitable educational counsellor after sorting out the courses and universities suitable for them.
  • Wide-Ranging Services for school and university students including career selection, overseas education, admission and post-admission support. And for working professionals, educational counsellors provide them with varied facilities like resume restructuring and promotion insights.
  • The international network of 1600+ Mentors offer personalised coaching and mentoring. The mentors and educational counsellors are carefully chosen depending upon your field of interest and career aspirations so that you hear from someone who has expert knowledge in the field.

Address & Contact: Leverage Edu Tower, A-258, Bhishma Pitamah Marg, Block A, Defence Colony New Delhi, Delhi 110024. Mobile : +91-8826200293 Email :

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Leverage Edu takes help of best-in-class technology and experienced educational counsellors who understand the needs of students. You can book your 30 minutes free consultation anywhere in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore or opt for online career counselling session and let out experts assist you in taking the right step to get closer to your dream career.

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