71+ Questions to Ask When Offered a Job

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Questions to Ask When Offered a Job

While on a hassle to start a new job, there is something you must a lot of people forget; asking a few relatable questions to your employer or interviewer. This will provide a sense of confidence in you towards your new job and you will be better accustomed to the new company’s policies before the date of joining. Whenever you are on your drive to change your job this time, be sure to ask some questions to the interviewer as an interview is a two-way process. In this article, we will promote you 70+ questions to ask when offered a job. You can choose to ask any question based on your preference. So, read ahead for the most important questions to ask when you get a job.

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70+ Questions to Ask When Offered a Job

Let’s deep dive into a set of important questions that one must ask before accepting a new job offer. 

Below are the top role-related questions to ask the employer before accepting the offer.

  1. What will be expected of me in this role?
  2. How is the growth/success monitored in this role?
  3. What should be my prime focus for the first few months of this role?
  4. What will my day look like in this role?
  5. When do I have to start this role?
  6. What should I expect from this role?
  7. Does this role require travelling?
  8. How important is this role for meeting the company’s objectives?
  9. How will this role add to my professional development?
  10. Does this role allow work from home?
  11. Is this an independent role or a collaborative role that requires cooperation from multiple stakeholders of the company?
  12. What are the fixed working hours?
  13. Does the company ask for overtime work?
  14. How many days a week is work required?
  15. Is working from home allowed on some special occasions?
  16. To whom would I report directly?
  17. How long is the period of probation?

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Below are the top salary-related questions to ask the employer when offered a job.

  1. Is the provided salary fixed or variable?
  2. Are there any incentives?
  3. Is the salary package negotiable?
  4. When do the appraisals take place after confirmation of the role?
  5. Are there any performance-based bonuses or commissions? 
  6. On which date is the salary released?
  7. Does the company provide relocation benefits?
  8. Will the employer’s PF deducted from the offered salary package?
  9. What is the 401k program?
  10. Is this a fixed salary or performance-based pay?

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Below are the top company culture-related questions to ask the employer before accepting the offer.

  1. Does the company accommodate flexible working hours?
  2. Does the company allow remote working?
  3. Does the company ensure work-life balance for employees?
  4. How often can the employees interact with upper management?
  5. How is the task monitored?
  6. How is the daily task assigned?
  7. How does the management discuss monthly targets?
  8. How does the management treat unsuccessful completion of tasks?
  9. What is the structure of hierarchy in the company?
  10. Do the employees come along well with each other?
  11. Can I take a tour of the office before signing the agreement?
  12. Will training conducted for the initial period of the role?
  13. With whom will I work closely daily?
  14. What will be your expectations of me in terms of contribution to the overall tasks of the team?
  15. What is your vision for the team and how soon do you want to achieve it?

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Below are the top company-related questions to ask the employer before accepting the offer.

  1. Can you tell me about the company’s vision?
  2. What will be the status of the company in the next 5 years?
  3. What is in for the employees who tend to work for longer terms within the company?
  4. How well do the company recognise individual efforts?
  5. What is the culture like in this company?
  6. Are there any monthly/quarterly team outings?
  7. Does the company support the higher education of employees?
  8. How often do the performance-based reviews take place?
  9. Does the company provide a welcome kit?
  10. Does the company provide special discount coupons?

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Below are the top questions to ask before accepting a job. These questions will help you get a good idea of the other benefits beyond what is generally conveyed during the interview.

  1. What is included as part of benefits and bonuses?
  2. Does the company provide health insurance policies?
  3. Does the company also provide life insurance coverage?
  4. How many leaves a year are allowed in this company?
  5. Does the company follow an Indian holiday calendar or a Western holiday calendar?
  6. Is there any retirement bonus program?
  7. Is there any pension policy within the company?
  8. Does the company provide relaxation on days when one is not feeling well?
  9. How many sick leaves are there in the company?
  10. How many casual leaves are there in the company?
  11. Is there any Period of leave provided?
  12. Are there any earned leaves for permanent employees?
  13. Is there any kind of leave that can be passed on to the next year if left unused?
  14. Is there any travel reimbursement provided?
  15. Are meals provided at the company?
  16. Does the company offer a mode of commute for employees?
  17. Is there any other benefit or condition that I should know about?
  18. Are there any seminars or workshops conducted for employees’ personal growth?
  19. Do the company provide discount coupons?
  20. Does the company arrange concerts?
  21. Does the company arrange festivities for employees?
  22. How many national holidays are granted a year?
  23. Are compensatory offs allowed?

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What are some important questions to ask before accepting a job?

Candidates appearing for an interview must make sure to clear all of their doubts about the salary, the culture of the company, the offered role and the company’s policies.

Is it fine to ask questions before accepting a job offer?

Yes, it’s completely fine to ask questions before accepting a job. The hiring manager also understands that a clear understanding of the company’s culture, policies and role will help you make more positive decisions about the role.  

How to negotiate for salary?

The best practice for negotiating the salary is to research salary trends for the provided role. You may visit several job sites and even get help, if required to get an idea of the best salary offered for the role. Then, you may ask HR if they are okay with a salary negotiation. 

This was all about the questions to ask when offered a job. For more such informative blogs, visit the career counselling page of Leverage Edu

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