How to Introduce Yourself in Technical Interview

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How to Introduce Yourself in Technical Interview

How to Introduce Yourself in Technical Interview: Almost half of the country is full of engineers and almost every day thousands of engineers stand in line to get through the interview. These types of interviews are called technical interviews where people like engineers, software engineers and others related to the science field fall into this category. However, people related to this field often find it difficult as they don’t understand how to go about it.

In this blog, you will learn about technical interviews, how they are held, the importance behind them and much more. Keep Reading.

Categories of Technical Interviews

There are several categories of technical interviews which are conducted. Candidates appearing for the same will most likely face either of these and have different experiences. Technical interviews are divided into three categories: a pre-interview online assessment, a telephonic interview, and an on-site interview.

Pre-Interview Online Assessment

In this type of interview, employers test the basic knowledge of the candidate which could include coding knowledge, mathematical problems and much more. 

Telephonic Interview

This interview allows the interviewer to ask the candidate some basic questions based on the job profile they are applying for.

On-Site Interview

This is more of the technical round where the candidate will be asked some in-depth questions related to their field of interest. The applicant could be given some problems wherein they will have to provide some solutions. He/She might also be asked to make a presentation to the team or prepare a code etc. 

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Importance of Introduction in Technical Interviews

The purpose of a technical interview is not to trick your brain with riddles or impossible questions, instead, the whole aim behind this is to understand what amount of knowledge the candidate holds and what he/she can bring to the table. Often, technical interviews require a lot of rounds which can exhaust any candidate, but if you know the whole process and go fully prepared then there is no issue. 

Introducing yourself in a technical interview is very important. It gives the interviewer a positive impression. At the same time, it allows the interviewer to see your personality, as well as how well you can present yourself. It also lets the candidate directly interact with the employers and show them their skills. 

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Samples for Introducing Yourself in Technical Interview


“Hi, I am (Name). I am from (name of the place) and I recently completed my Masters in Engineering in 2017 from IIT Delhi. After this, I got hired by a well-known IT company with the help of a campus placement. Since then I have been working with the company for almost two years now. By now, I have all the knowledge of IT operations in my journey from being a fresher to a manager. I believe that my knowledge and work experience make me a suitable candidate for the profile. I am looking forward to joining your organization to explore new opportunities.”


Hello, my name is (Name). I hail from (name of the place) and I currently live in (name of your current residence). I’ve recently completed my diploma/graduation/post-graduation in (name of your course) from (University name). I have worked on several projects in the past which have helped me get a good amount of knowledge on time management and several other skills. I have always been a keen learner. Other than this, I have also been a part of several workshops due to which I have learnt to stay focussed and calm even under pressure.

Tips to Crack Technical Interview

Before going for any interview, it is crucial to follow some tips which will help the candidate to crack his/her interview. Below-mentioned are some interview tips which should be followed:

  • Always greet when you enter the room and meet the interviewer.
  • Be confident in whatever you say.
  • If you don’t know the answer to a question, then you can always tell the interviewer the truth that you don’t know.
  • Always be humble.
  • Don’t forget to go dress appropriately.
  • Prepare your speech beforehand.
  • Do your research about the company as well as the interviewer.


How to introduce yourself in a technical interview?

To introduce yourself, in an online technical interview, you must begin with your name, tell a bit about yourself, your educational background, what degrees you hold and talk about your experiences (if you hold any).

What is the purpose of a technical interview?

In a technical interview, the interviewer assesses your technical ability for the job profile that you have applied for, and your in-depth knowledge of your chosen field. Keep in mind, that such interviews are conducted to test your problem-solving skills, your communication skills, and your ability to think and perform under pressure.

How can I impress a technical recruiter?

To impress your recruiter no matter what interview you are going for, make sure you prepare a resume which you can distribute to the interviewer in case he/she doesn’t have it, dress appropriately, be on time, and prepare questions which you can ask them.

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Hope this blog helped you understand the basics of a technical interview, how it is conducted and what points should you keep in mind while introducing yourself.

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