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Introducing yourself is one of the most important and at the same time difficult tasks to do. If you want to stand out from an ocean of online teachers, it is important that you learn some basic tips and tricks to get the knack of self-introduction as an online teacher.

In this blog, you will read how you can introduce yourself as an online English teacher, some technical tips, samples and much more.

How Important is Self-Introduction for Online English Teachers?

Introducing yourself is the first step whenever you meet new people. A strong introduction might even make you stand out in the crowd. Then comes how you teach the students and what teaching methods you use to make the students stay with you.

Many teachers don’t really invest time or energy in introducing themselves, they simply begin with teaching without really connecting with the students. They often don’t realise that this sets the tone and the students might even look forward to learning from them.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Introducing Yourself in an Online Class

Introducing yourself can be daunting, whether it is an official interview, a basic self-introduction or you meeting new people. Well, in this scenario, here are some basic things which a teacher should know before introducing himself/herself:

Brainstorm Key Points Beforehand

It is important that you introduce yourself confidently and professionally as it sets a tone for the rest of the conversation. However, there are times when you might stumble upon a few words. To avoid getting into this situation, it is preferred that brainstorm a few key points which you would like to include in your conversation. 

Talk About Your Job Profile

In most of your conversations, the current role you hold as a teacher will be very important, therefore it would be preferable that you talk about your job profile such as: what subject will you be teaching, whether you have any relevant experience in that subject, how much experience do you have teaching that subject and much more.

Talk About Your Educational Journey

When introducing yourself, don’t forget to talk about your educational background. The students must know where you got your degree from, what are your qualifications, your past experiences and much more.

Keep it Short

In the end, no one likes to listen to long speeches or lectures, it has been scientifically proven. You should aim to wrap up your speech in just a few minutes. At the same time, you must make sure that you cover all the important points, here is where brainstorming comes in handy. 


Lastly, make sure you practice your speech multiple times before you finally speak in front of your students. 

One of the best tips to practice is to record yourself speaking, then go over it and look for imperfections and where you can correct them.

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Tips for Creating Teacher Self-Introduction for Online Classes

  • One of the basic rules is to smile and be confident! This will show that you are a friendly person and at the same time you radiate positive energy which will make students feel welcome and comfortable in your class.
  • Don’t speak fast, speak clearly and slowly. Keep in mind, that most of your viewers will be non-native English speakers or those students who are still learning the language. Therefore, it is important that you pronounce the words correctly and in a simpler way.
  • Body language also matters! Using natural, friendly body language will create a relaxing environment and the self-introduction will look more like a simple introduction. 
  • A teacher should always be presentable, it is expected that the teacher will wear appropriate clothes. One should wear clothes which are comfortable. 
  • While recording the video, a teacher should make sure that his/her room is tidy so as to prevent any distractions from the students.
  • Lastly, prepare your notes before the class. This will help you to be in form and in alignment.

Self-introduction for Online English Teacher Samples


Hello there!

I’m (Name) and I belong form (Name). I’ve been teaching English learners for (number of years). My background includes teaching students of all levels. While teaching, I also talk about several topics, my classes are always fun and interesting. 

I can’t wait to see you in my class soon 


My name is (name), and I belong from (place name). I’m (age).

I’ve been teaching for more than (number) years, and I’ve worked with students from around the world. My background includes planning and teaching lessons to children as well as adults. I specialize in Business English, job interview practice, and exam preparations like IELTS, and other competitive exams.

In my class, I work with a lot of creativity and positivity. My interest lies in several topics which I would love to discuss with all of you, and I’m happy to work with learners from any level.

Some Technical Tips for Online Self-introduction

One should always keep some technical points in mind while making a self-introduction or doing anything online. Here are some basic technical tips which will help you in the long run. 

  •  In order to record yourself, it is important that you use a quality recording device of at least 480p (pixels). A simple camera or smartphone camera will work best for shooting videos.
  • It is very important that you film yourself in a well-lit environment with good, natural daylight, if you are shooting at night then you can always use a lamp as an artificial lamp which can be placed in front of you.
  • Make sure you shoot your video horizontally and not vertically. 
  • Always film your video in a quiet place, and avoid shooting in a noisy environment where there are no phone notifications, or outside noise coming.
  • The video should be shot at a stable surface, eye level which will make you visible.


How will you introduce yourself as a teacher?

In order to introduce yourself as a teacher, it is very important for you to keep the following points in mind:
Make an introduction which is short, crisp and concise
Mention your skills and where have you done your education from
End with a powerful closing statement 

What makes a good online English teacher?

Choosing teaching as a profession can be very exhausting, both mentally and physically. Nonetheless, it is still very important for the teacher to come with a lot of energy because only then can you expect the students to be the same. The only tip for this is to come with a lot of energy and have confidence in yourself.

How can I make my online teaching interesting?

It is very important that the teacher makes learning fun, interactive and interesting. Here are some tips through which you will be able to make teaching fun and more interesting.

Always consider the opinion of your students, by doing so, even they will feel more interested. 
While having fun, make sure you set some realistic goals and targets which will help you complete the course in time as well. 

Make sure you give the students some breaks in between the classes which will help them in refreshing their minds.

Hope the blog gave you all the relevant information about how you can introduce yourself as an online English teacher. 

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