Indian Foreign Service Day: IFS Day 2023

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India is now becoming a rising superpower in the world and the officers of IFS are playing an important role in this. The Full form of IFS is the Indian Foreign Service which is one of the important bureaucracy services in India. Every year on 9th October, we celebrate Indian Foreign Service Day (IFS Day). It is a special day that celebrates the establishment of the Indian Foreign Service.

It is an important institution to India’s diplomatic, consular, and commercial representation worldwide. Today in this blog we will help you understand in detail this day, the reason for its celebration, and our officer’s contribution. Keep reading till the end to know about this day in detail.

What is Indian Foreign Service Day?

Indian Foreign Service Day of IFS Day is celebrated on October 9th, to honour the Indian diplomats who represent the country on a global stage. It helps in shaping foreign policy and strengthening international relations. This day is a way to respect their important role in protecting India’s interests and contributing to good global cooperation.

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Why is IFS Day Celebrated?

So, IFS Day is a way to show our heartiest respect to our Indian diplomats who work day and night and represent our nation on a global stage. Our Indian government established the Indian Foreign Service for India’s diplomatic, consular, and commercial representation overseas on 9 October 1946. From that day each year on this date, we celebrate this day to respect our hardworking Indian diplomats.

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Contributions of Foreign Service Officers

Foreign Service officers have given India various proud moments which are listed in the below section.

  • Diplomacy of Culture: Promoted good cultural understanding and exchange.
  • Bilateral Political and Economic Cooperation: Maintained good economic cooperation with other nations. 
  • Lakhs of Indians Saviour: During the Vande Bharat Mission, Indians in lakhs have been protected and brought back by the air, sea, and land from various borders.
  • Produced Important People for India: Over the many years Indian Foreign Service has made various Presidents and Vice President of India, Speakers of Lok Sabha, Ministers, Parliamentarians, noted authors, scholars, historians, and international public servants from its ranks.

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Who is the youngest IFS officer?

Abhay Kumar is the Youngest officer of the Indian Foreign Service from the 2003 IFS batch.

What is the highest IFS rank in India?

The highest IFS position is the ambassador or the Foreign Secretary. 

Why is IFS Day celebrated?

To celebrate the day our Indian government the Indian Foreign Service.

How to become an IFS officer?

To be an officer in Indian Foreign Service, you need to appear for UPSC Civil Service Exam and score well. Later, you”ll get a call for interview. After that, you can become an officer of the Indian Foreign Service.

This was all about the IFS Day. For more such informative blogs, check out our  Indian exams page.

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