What is the Full Form of SHG?

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full form of shg

The full form of SHG is Self-Help Group. Self-Help Groups (SHGs) are a type of microfinance organisation comprised of a small group of people who come together to financially and emotionally help one another. They are usually made up of persons from similar economic, social, and cultural backgrounds who want to improve their financial status and way of living. SHGs are frequently founded with the objective of providing members with financing as well as financial literacy and entrepreneurship training and support. They are typically informal groups that are not technically established as enterprises or organisations, and they are frequently backed by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) or other external organisations that give technical assistance and guidance. SHGs are a popular and effective means for people in developing countries to have access to financial services and enhance their economic well-being, and they have been proven to reduce poverty and promote economic development.

Goals of SHG

The goals of self-help groups vary based on the group’s unique focus, but some typical goals include:

  • Self-help groups can provide a sense of belonging and a secure space for people to express their experiences and thoughts without fear of judgement.
  • Members of self-help groups can offer practical advice and solutions for dealing with and overcoming difficulties.
  • Encourage personal growth and self-improvement: Self-help groups can assist individuals in identifying and working towards their goals, as well as providing accountability and encouragement.
  • Some self-help groups may focus on promoting healthy behaviours such as exercise and nutrition, or they may give resources for individuals to make positive changes in their lives.
  • Some self-help organisations may also seek to advocate for social change or to meet community needs.

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