What is the Full Form of FCI?

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Full Form of FCI

The full form of FCI is Food Corporation of India. The Food Corporation of India, or FCI, is a government-run institution that was founded in 1965 to secure the country’s food security. The complete form of FCI is rather long and complicated, but knowing what it stands for is essential if you want to properly comprehend this institution.

Organisational Structure of FCI

The Food Corporation of India (FCI) is a state-owned corporation founded in 1964 by the Food Corporation of India Act. The FCI is in charge of managing food grain inventories and regulating the prices of critical food items in India.

The FCI is divided into five departments: procurement, storage, transportation, distribution, and marketing. The FCI has approximately 15,000 offices and warehouses spread over India.

With over two lakh employees, the FCI is one of India’s largest employers.

Functions of FCI

  • Food Corporation of India is in charge of procuring, storing, and distributing food grains throughout the country.
  • Implementation of a Food Security Plan in Partnership with State Governments.
  • Implementing a Food Fortification Programme in order to make safe and nutritious food available to all segments of the population.
  • It also performs additional food grain management activities such as price support operations and buffer stocking.
  • FCI also provides insights and technical assistance to states and territories to ensure the successful implementation of the Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS).
  • The Corporation has played a critical role in securing the country’s food security.
  • Price stability via market intervention activities.
  • Purchasing and distributing pulses, edible oils, and sugar.
  • Foodgrain godown and cold storage management.

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