Activities to Celebrate World Tourism Day

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Activities to Celebrate World Tourism Day

The General Assembly introduced the concept of World Tourism Day in 1979. It is celebrated on 27 September every year to spread public awareness about the importance of cultural, social, political, and economic needs of travel and tourism around the world. Here we have comprehended some activities to Celebrate World Tourism Day. However, the World Tourism Organization also released a list of suggested activities to celebrate World Tourism Day at the National level and local levels to benefit travellers and promote tourism. Stay tuned and continue reading to get some ideas to celebrate this WTD!

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List of 5 Activities to Celebrate World Tourism Day

Here are some activities to celebrate World Tourism Day:

Conduct a Bicycle Tour

You can gather together with your family or friends and conduct a bicycle tour of your city or neighboring area. Use pamphlets and small tags that speak out about World Tourism Day to mark the importance of travel and tourism at national and local levels.

Spread Awareness on Social Media Handles

You can think creatively and design digital posters to post on your social media handles. The posters should contain the significance of World Tourism Day for the economic development of the nation.

Reduce CO2 Emission

While travelling the vehicles, air conditioners of the hotels, and other things contribute to increase the carbon footprint. You can take initiative to decrease the CO2 emission either using ec-friendly vehicles or by planting tress around your localities.

Free Entry

Government allows free entry to the tourist at museums and national parks to promote the importance of travel and tourism.


Participate in drawing and other competitions conducted by your schools and colleges to spread awareness about WTD.

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What activities can be done on World Tourism Day?

Activities such as competitions, seminars, essay writing, exhibitions, etc could be conducted on World Tourism Day.

What is the theme for World Tourism Day 2023?

The theme for World Tourism Day 2023 is Tourism and Green Investments. UN selected this theme owing to the importance of investments as an important aspect of tourism’s recovery and future growth and development.

Why is Tourism Day important?

Every year the world celebrates Tourism Day on 27 September to spread awareness about the importance of tourism and its contribution to economic development.

Hope you will enjoy these activities to celebrate World Tourism Day. Do let us know which is your favorite destination to visit in the comment section below. For more such information on trending events or important days, follow Leverage edu.

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