Essay on Birds in 600 Words for School Students in English

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Essay on birds

Essay on birds: Did you know that the fastest bird, the Peregrine Falcon, can fly at a speed of 300km per hour? Birds are an important part of our environment and help with the ecological balance.

We all love the chirping sound of birds. But do you know that listening to the chirping birds can help you reduce your stress? Yes, it is about wondering how the language of any creature can help humans in their tough times.

Another, most interesting fact about birds is that they are found everywhere in the atmosphere. From the coldest region on Earth to the warmest place on Earth, you can find birds everywhere, and this way they bring you closer to the natural world.

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Types of Birds 

It is assumed that in total there are 11,000 species of birds and among those species, there are 50 billion birds that live on the Earth. In the huge population of birds, we can classify the population based on their habitat, the type of food they eat, how they appear, their vocalization and as well as the fact of fun, which generally belongs to the family of corvid, the strongly built and stout billed birds around 9 to 28 inches long. 

Why not share some details about the type of birds in short? 

Types of BirdsLocation
Red-crowned Crane China
Chukar PartridgeIraq
Himalayan MonalNepal
Rhinoceros HornbillMalaysia
Chukar Partridge Pakistan 
Crimson SunbirdSingapore
Green Pheasant Japan
Philippine Eagle Philippines 

The habitat birds or bird habitat are the type of birds that are restricted to a specific area. These areas meet all the requirements of the essentials needed by the type of habitat birds. 

It is surprising that birds too have their unique tastes related to the type of food they eat. 

We can classify such categories into sub-categories such as Carnivorous which feed on meat, Avivorous are the birds that eat other birds, Insectivorous are the birds that feed on insects, Granivors main food includes grain and seeds, Mucivorous feed on the mucus of plants and trees, Nectivorous are the birds which are feed on the nectar of flower, and last but not the least Palynivorous are the birds which only eats pollen of flowers. 

Why Birds are Important for the Environment 

Where on the one hand birds provide peace to the human brain so on the other hand they also help the ecosystem. It helps in pollination, and fertilization and helps in bringing a new flower into the world. As scavengers birds, they also help bring back nutrients into the ground and help the ecosystem keep clean by consuming the dead organisms. 

It will be a surprising fact for you that even the poop of birds can fertilize the land for your crop. All the services of birds that help the planet keep growing are called ecosystem services. 

Why are Birds Endangered?

After learning about the list of benefits of the birds for the environment, it becomes more important to know why the birds are at risk or endangered.

One of the major reasons for the extinction of birds is the expansion of the human population and its settlement. Cutting down trees, clearing the forest for timber or urbanization makes further mating and availability of food difficult. Also, the spreading of pollution, and the use of pesticides which when consumed by the birds not only make them unhealthy but also become one of the major reasons for their death. 

¨I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.¨ 

D. H. Lawrence

In conclusion, birds are just not the mode of entertainment or bringing peace to our minds. They are the best gift from the almighty to our Earth and desire to live in the same way as any other creature exists. Dreaming to live like a bird is easy but to endanger a bird without our profit is a bit hard, but as humans, we can do this and return them what they give us. 

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Q.1. What is the importance of birds?

Ans: Birds help in the process of pollination, their poop can fertilize the soil, they help in controlling pests, and helps in the dispersal of seeds. 

Q.2. How do you describe a bird?

Ans: A bird is a warm-blooded animal, featured with feathers that are modified from forelimbs.

Q.3. What are the 5 characteristics of birds?

Ans: The five characteristics of birds are: Birds have feathers; not all birds can fly; the beak of birds is made up of a bony core which is surrounded by a layer of keratin that is thin; all birds lay eggs with a hard shell mostly made up of calcium; and birds help in reducing stress.  

Q.4. Can I have a pet bird?

Ans: Yes, birds are adoring and attractive pets. 

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