Write a Letter in About 120 Words to Your Friend Describing the Match

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Letter in About 120 Words to Your Friend Describing the Match

Writing a letter to your friend is always an exciting opportunity to express your feelings and share experiences like a professional. On this page, we will discuss some sample letters in about 120 words to your friend describing the match. Whether it be football, cricket, hockey or any other match, sharing such experiences shows how effectively we can communicate with our friends. Let’s check out these sample letters and learn more.

Sample 1: Letter in About 120 Words to Your Friend Describing the Match

C-56, 2nd-Floor,
New Plaza, Preet Vihar,

26 March 2023 

Dear Dipika, 

I hope that you are in great health and your family is well too. I am good here. I hope you saw the football match this weekend. I am writing this letter to discuss all about it. 

Manchester United and Liverpool are two of my favourite teams and seeing them against each other in a match was a treat. At first, when Manchester scored two goals in the first half, I was so sure they were going to win that match.

Then there was the second half and another goal for Manchester. But then the match immediately changed when the centre forward of Liverpool scored 3 goals in a row, bringing the match to a tie. Those last 5 minutes were very nail-biting because any one of the teams could win. And the strategy of Liverpool finally led them to a great victory. 

I hope that your studies are going well. When you can find time, call me, I have a lot to discuss with you, and we will also plan a get-together. Till then, take care. 

Your dear friend, 

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Sample 2: Letter in About 120 Words to Your Friend Describing the Match 

120 Words  Letter to Your Friend

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Letter Writing Format 

Recipient’s Address
City Name

Dear (Recipient’s Name),

Start the letter with “Dear ABC” and maintain a genuine tone. 
For the body of the letter, mention the match you are talking about, then mention the details of the match and conclude on a polite note. 
End the letter on a friendly note. Add text like “Take Care”, “Talk to you soon”, “See you soon”, etc. 

Conclude the note with a polite salutation. 
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Q.1 How do you write a paragraph for a cricket match? 

A.1 Start with the history of the cricket match followed by modern cricket. Add as many facts as possible. 

Q.2 How do you write a letter to your friend? 

A.2 Start with a polite salutation, cover the purpose of the letter in its entirety, and then conclude with a “Take care”. 

Q.3 How to write about a friend? 

A.3 Follow the informal letter-writing format. Divide your letter into three parts: Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Since it is an informal letter, you can use a conversational tone. Make sure to add all the details in the body and end your letter with a kind salutation.

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