NIT BTech Fees 2024

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NIT BTech Fees

The National Institutes of Technology (NITs) are prestigious engineering institutions in India. These institutions are known for their academic excellence and research contributions. Every year, thousands of students aspire to pursue their BTech (Bachelor of Technology) degrees from these institutions. However, one crucial aspect that concerns both students and their parents is the fee structure for the BTech programs offered by NITs. In this blog, we will discuss the NIT BTech fees and other relevant information.

NIT BTech Fee Structure 2024 (Tentative)

Here we have listed the NIT Btech Fee Structure details:

NIT NameNIT fees for BTech Tuition Fee-General CategoryOther Fee(One-Time Payment)Hostel Fee/ Charges(Approx)
Visveswaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT) Nagpur
  INR 66,850  INR 15,500NA
Sardar Vallabhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT) Surat
INR 62,500  INR 26,000 (approx)NA
NIT Andhra Pradesh (Tadepalligudem)
INR 62,500INR 27,500INR 38,000
Motilal Nehru Institute of Technology (MNIT) Allahabad
NIT Tiruchirapalli    NAINR 36,000
Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT) Bhopal
INR 62,500 INR 5,000INR 20,500
Malviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur
INR 62,500INR 18,300NA
Dr.BR Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar
INR 62,500INR 22,000INR 30,500
Dr BR Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar
INR 62,500INR 24,500(approx)INR 11,100(only Room Rent)
NIT Srinagar
NIT Warangal
INR 62,500NAINR 39,000(Approx)
NIT UttarakhandINR 62,500INR 33,000(approx)
INR 20,291
NIT RourkelaINR 62,500INR 10,000
INR 17,500
NIT SilcharINR 48,500(Approx)NA
INR 25,500
NIT MizoramINR 69,350NA
INR 26,400
NIT ManipurINR 77,000NA
INR 28,800
NIT Arunachal PradeshINR 62,500INR 6,600INR 4000(Room Rent  Only)
NIT MeghalayaINR 62,500Rsd. 10,150INR 31,000
NIT KurukshetraINR 62,500NAINR 93,500
NIT PuducherryINR 62,500INR 4,400NA
NIT Karnataka (Surathkal)INR 85,815NAINR 6,620(Room rent only)
NIT HamirpurINR 85,815NAINR 25,000
NIT DurgapurINR 62,500INR 23,500INR 13,000(approx)
NIT AgartalaINR 62,500NANA
NIT CalicutINR 77,700 (For a family income above five lakhs) and INR 36,033 (for a family income 1 lakh to 5 lakhs)
INR 21,000INR 55,000
NIT NagalandINR 62,500
INR 4,450INR 29,300
NIT JamshedpurINR 62,500
NAINR 16,000 (Approx)
NIT PatnaINR 62,500
NIT RaipurINR 62,500 (for a family income above 5 lakh) and INR 41,667 per annum (for a family income between 1 lakh to 5 lakh)
NIT SikkimINR 62,500INR 10, 450INR 16,750(only for the first year)
NIT GoaINR 77,700 (For a family income above five lakhs) and INR 36,033 (for a family income 1 lakh to 5 lakhs)
NAINR 7,500

NIT BTech Fee Structure

The BTech course in NIT is of four years duration. The fee structure will give the students an idea of how much money they have to invest in their BTech course. Students can pay their fees using credit/debit cards, cash or net banking. Some colleges also accept fee payments via direct deposit or DD to the institute’s bank account. Knowing the fee structure of the course you are getting admitted to is important. The general components of the NIT fee structure are given below:

  • Library
  • Students Group
  • Recognition & Matriculation
  • Affiliation with Sports
  • Fee for Development
  • Fee for Amenities
  • Fee for Magazines
  • Fees for Membership
  • Fees for Registration
  • Annual Medi-claim Premium
  • Other Charges

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NIT Seat Matrix

NITs offer a wide range of B.Tech programs, catering to various engineering disciplines such as Computer Science, Electronics and Communication, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Chemical, and more. The seat available in these programs may vary slightly depending on the NIT. Let us look at the NIT seat matrix:

Visveswaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT) Nagpur  3651154210931966746
Sardar Vallabhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT) Surat42912  64212742278873
NIT Andhra Pradesh (Tadepalligudem)981414102842814210
Motilal Nehru Institute of Technology (MNIT) Allahabad4001259211842118814
Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT) Bhopal4581470213642458937
Malviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur3451052210341895710
Dr BR Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar3851257211442066786
NIT Tiruchirapalli3991259211842137814
NIT Srinagar30694909511648632
NIT Warangal3621152210741946740
NIT Uttarakhand1465221441792300
NIT Rourkela4371465212742347890
NIT Silchar309104619231665632
NIT Mizoram751101211401150
NIT Manipur883130261481180
NIT Arunachal Pradesh981414102842814210
NIT Meghalaya481642150191150
NIT Kurukshetra4071360212142187832
NIT Puducherry59290171311120
NIT Karnataka (Surathkal)3611154210831956740
NIT Hamirpur3371050210031806688
NIT Durgapur3921258211732106800
NIT Agartala43114161413441154867
NIT Calicut4591468213742458937
NIT Nagaland30161390151120
NIT Delhi873140261481180
NIT Jamshedpur29494518731575601
NIT Patna3461051210331856706
NIT Raipur4681470213942508955
NIT Sikkim902102262444180
NIT Goa4427013023190

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What is the tuition fees for the BTech course from MNIT Jaipur for the General category?

The tuition fee for the BTech course from MNIT Jaipur for the General category is INR 62,500. The hostel charges are additional and not included in it.

How many seats are available for Schedule caste candidates in NIT Raipur for the BTech course?

There are 139 seats available for SC candidates in NIT Raipur. The total number of seats available is 955.

What is the full form of NIT?

The full form of NIT is the National Institutes of Technology. These institutions are renowned for providing quality technical education and producing some of the brightest minds in engineering and technology fields. 

Pursuing a B.Tech degree from the National Institutes of Technology can be a life-changing opportunity for aspiring engineers.

While the fee structure may appear significant, the value of education, exposure, and career prospects offered by NITs makes it a prudent investment. We hope the candidates willing to pursue BTech from NIT will find this blog useful.

This was all about the “NIT BTech Fees”. For more such informative blogs, check out our Indian University page.

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