IGNOU Passing Marks & Grading System 2024 – Out of 100, 70, 40 and 25

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IGNOU Passing Marks

Students enrolled in Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), should be aware of the minimum passing marks that every candidate must score in their semesters and assignments. IGNOU passing marks are separately released for Bachelor of Arts (BA), BCom, BSc, BCA, and other courses. The IGNOU mid-term examinations are conducted for students who are currently enrolled in UG programs at IGNOU. IGNOU passing marks are released every semester separately for each category and course.In the event of failing or not scoring the minimum passing marks, candidates need to appear for the semester examination next year, which will be updated by IGNOU before the commencement of the exam. Check out all of the details in this article.

IGNOU Passing Marks 2024

Students need to secure IGNOU passing marks in each subject of their course. There are separate criteria for passing the IGNOU examination, depending on the candidate’s course and level of education. Below, we have discussed the IGNOU passing marks for UG, PG, and Diploma courses.

IGNOU Bachelor’s Passing Marks

Bachelor’s degrees offered by IGNOU require candidates to score a minimum of 35%. IGNOU pass marks out of 100 – Candidates must score a minimum of 35 marks, and where the total marks are 50, the minimum passing marks are 18. The passing percentage for students studying BA is 40%.

The types of bachelor’s degrees at IGNOU include BA, BSc, BCom., BDP, etc. Candidates can check the table below, which highlights the IGNOU passing marks for a bachelor’s degree.

CoursesMinimum Marks in TheoryMinimum Marks in Assignment
BA, BCom, BSc, and BTS35% (35 out of 100, 18 out of 50)
BCA40% (40 out of 100, 20 out of 50)
BEdC Grade (50 to 59 marks)
D Grade (40% to 49%)

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IGNOU Master’s Passing Marks

The IGNOU grading system for master’s courses is somewhat different. Candidates need to score a minimum of 40% in all the subjects of their course. This means that out of 100, the minimum passing mark is 40. If the exam consists of a total of 50 marks, then the minimum passing marks are 20. Check the table below for more details.

CoursesPassing Marks in TheoryPassing Marks in Assignment
MCA, MCom, MPS, MSO, MAH, and MEG40 out of 100 and 20 out of 50
MARDC Grade (50 to 59%)
D Grade (40 to 49%)
MBAC Grade (50 to 59%)
D Grade (40 to 49%)

IGNOU Diploma Passing Marks

The IGNOU passing marks for the Diploma course are 40% for every subject selected by a student. This means, that every student is required to score a minimum of 40 marks out of 100 in both assignments and theory exams. There are tutor-marked assignments conducted every semester in Diploma courses, which have a weightage of 30% of the entire course.

IGNOU Passing Marks Out Of 25, 40, 50, 70, 75 & 100

Read this section to get details regarding IGNOU passing marks out of 25, 40, 50, 70, 75 & 100:

ParticularMinimum Passing Marks
(After Rounding-off)
IGNOU Passing Marks out of 259
IGNOU Passing marks out of 4012
IGNOU Passing Marks out of 5018
IGNOU Passing marks out of 7024
IGNOU Passing Marks out of 7526
IGNOU Passing Marks out of 10035

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IGNOU Assignment Passing Marks

IGNOU assignments contain a total of 30% of the total percentage for the entire year. Candidates enrolled in IGNOU for certificate and diploma programs need to score a minimum qualifying mark, which is the benchmark set by the officials of IGNOU.

  • For students who are enrolled in master’s courses, the minimum passing marks are 35 out of 100.
  • For students who are enrolled in master’s courses, the minimum passing marks are 40 out of 100.
  • Students must also know that with the theory assignment marks at IGNOU, they must also score passing marks in tutor-marked assignments (TMA). 

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IGNOU Grading System

Students enrolled in IGNOU are required to score a D’ in the midterm, final, and assignment examinations, which is the minimum qualifying benchmark for every course. However, the overall average of the student must be a ‘C’ grade or above, which will guarantee their passing for the semester and final term. The table below highlights the IGNOU grading system.

Grades Marks Obtained (Out of 100)
A80 and above
B60 to 79
50 to 59
FBelow 35


What are the IGNOU passing marks?

The IGNOU passing marks vary from course to course. For example, the minimum passing mark for BA or BCom courses at IGNOU is 35%, and for BCA, the passing marks are 40 out of 100.

What are the minimum marks required to pass in master’s course in IGNOU?

The minimum passing mark for master’s courses at IGNOU is 40 out of 100. This means, that every student’s total aggregate marks should be at least 40% or above to pass the course.

What is the grade for 35 marks out of 100 in IGNOU?

At IGNOU, if any student scores 35 out of 100, it means that the student has received 35%. The grade given at 35% is ‘E’, which means that the student has failed the exam.

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