How Many UPSC Aspirants Selected Every Year?

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UPSC is an important Civil Services Examination given by more than 5 lakh students each year with a feeling to serve the nation day and night. They go through multiple steps of hard work along with brilliant work to increase their chances of success. However, how many of them are actually able to turn their dreams into reality? I.e. How many students are selected as the UPSC aspirants? You can find answers to this question and related stuff in the given blog.

UPSC Aspirants Selected Each Year

180 UPSC candidates are selected this year as potential officers. This number is justified by the Baswan Committee, this committee is established by the Indian Government. Their purpose is to identify the shortage of IAS officers in India. Based on their recommendations there is a shortage of 569 IAS officers which can be fulfilled by recruiting 180 IAS officers each year. Below is the category-wise number of IAS officers selected in the year 2022.

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Category Number of IAS Officers
General 75
OBC 45
SC 29
ST 13
EWS 18
Total 180

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UPSC Candidates Selected Each Year – State-Wise

Below is the state-wise data of the candidates selected and also the shortfall of the Officers for each state.

State Authorized Strength Total Officers Shortage
AMUT 337 279 58
Andhra Pradesh 211 170 41
Assam-Meghalaya 263 221 42
Bihar 342 243 99
Chhattisgarh 193 154 39
Gujarat 297 241 56
Haryana 205 155 50
Himachal Pradesh 147 115 32
Jammu & Kashmir* 137 91 46
Jharkhand 215 144 71
Karnataka 314 215 99
Kerala 231 150 81
Madhya Pradesh 439 341 98
Maharashtra 361 313 48
Manipur 115 91 24
Nagaland 94 67 27
Odisha 237 178 59
Punjab 221 182 39
Rajasthan 313 243 70
Sikkim 48 37 11
Tamil Nadu 376 289 87
Telangana 208 130 78
Tripura 96 76 20
Uttar Pradesh 621 515 106
Uttarakhand 120 87 33
West Bengal 359 277 82

How to Prepare for UPSC Exam?

It is really hard to prepare for the UPSC Civil Services Exams. It needs a tough dedication and preparation plan for clearing the UPSC. However, you can prepare for the UPSC exam with below-mentioned tips. These tips will help you to know how to prepare for UPSC Exam with limited resources.

  • Steps to Prepare for UPSC Exam
  • Meticulous Research
  • Choose Optional Subjects Wisely
  • Read a Newspaper Every day
  • Familiarise Yourself With the Basics of History, Political Science & Geography
  • Practice Mock Test Series
  • Timely Revision

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How many UPSC aspirants are serious about preparation?

The success of the serious students who clear the IAS Prelims Exam is just 25%. Every year more than 4 to 5 lakh aspirants appear for the prelims exam.

How many students cleared UPSC in the first attempt?

It is seen that 1 out of 100 students became IAS in the first attempt. Undoubtedly, UPSC Exam is the toughest exam in India to crack in one go.

Which state clears UPSC most?

Most candidates who clear the UPSC belong to the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

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