Best Books for KIITEE Management Exam 2023

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Best Books for KIITEE Management
Best Books for KIITEE Management

KIITEE Management is a popular MBA entrance exam conducted by the KIIT School of Management. The competition for admission to the KIIT School of Management is tough, and candidates must be well-prepared to succeed in the exam. One of the key components of effective preparation for KIITEE Management is selecting the best books to study from. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best books for KIITEE Management that can help you prepare for the exam.

Exam NameKIITEE Management
Conducting BodyKIIT School of Management
FrequencyOnce a Year
Application ModeOnline
Course OfferedMBA
Exam ModeOnline

KIITEE Management 2023 Best Books 

The exam syllabus of KIITEE Management consists of four objects. These subjects are Quantitative Aptitude, General Knowledge, Analytical Reasoning, English and Issues of Social Concern. These are some of the best-recommended books for these subjects:

Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude For CATArun Sharma
Fast Track Objective ArithmeticArihant Publications
Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT Common Admission TestsSarvesh K Verma

General Knowledge

The Fundamentals of General Knowledge for Competitive Exams: UPSC/ State Pcs/ SSC/ Banking/ Railways/ MBA/ Defence Disha Experts
General KnowledgeManohar Pandey
General Knowledge 2024 Manohar Pandey

Analytical Reasoning

Analytical ReasoningM.K Panday
A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning (2022-23) NEW EDITION R.S Aggarwal
Analytical & Logical Reasoning For CAT & Other Management Entrance TestsPeeyush Bhardwaj


English Reading ComprehensionRPH Editorial
Verbal Reading and Reading Comprehension for CATPearson
Proficiency in Reading ComprehensionArihant Publications
Effective ComprehensionH. S Bhatia

Importance of Choosing The Best Books 

The importance of KIITEE Management 2023 Best Books cannot be overstated, as they play a crucial role in helping candidates prepare effectively for the entrance exam. Here are some reasons why:

  • Comprehensive coverage: Good preparation books cover the entire syllabus of KIITEE Management 2023, ensuring that candidates do not miss out on any important topics or concepts.
  • Clear and concise explanations: Best books for KIITEE Management 2023 provide clear and concise explanations of key concepts and theories, making it easier for candidates to understand and retain them.
  • Practice questions: Preparation books also provide ample practice questions and mock tests that help candidates assess their understanding of the concepts and practice their problem-solving skills.
  • Time-saving: With so many topics to cover, preparation books help candidates save time by providing a structured and organized approach to their preparation, allowing them to focus on the most important areas.
  • Confidence-building: By providing comprehensive coverage, clear explanations, and practice questions, KIITEE Management 2023 Best Books can help candidates build their confidence and reduce anxiety levels before the exam.

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How To Prepare for KIITEE Management 2023 Exam?

Preparing for KIITEE Management 2023 exam requires a strategic approach and consistent effort. Here are some steps that candidates can follow to prepare effectively for the exam:

  1. Create a Study Plan: Once candidates have a good understanding of the exam pattern and syllabus, they should create a study plan that allows them to cover all the topics in a structured and organized manner. The study plan should also include time for revision and practice tests.  
  1. Use the Best Books and Study Materials: Candidates should use the best books and study materials available to prepare for KIITEE Management 2023 exam. Recommended books include those that cover topics such as logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, reading comprehension, and general knowledge.
  1. Practice Regularly: Practice is key to success in KIITEE Management 2023 exam. Candidates should practice regularly, solving questions from sample papers, previous year papers, and mock tests. This will help them develop problem-solving skills and improve their speed and accuracy.
  1. Focus on Time Management: Time management is crucial in KIITEE Management 2023 exam, as there are a large number of questions to be answered in a limited amount of time. Candidates should practice time management strategies, such as setting time limits for each section and dividing their time based on their strengths and weaknesses.
  1. Stay Calm and Confident: Finally, candidates should stay calm and confident during the exam. They should avoid last-minute cramming and trust their preparation. Candidates should also take care of their health and well-being, getting enough rest and exercise to stay fresh and alert during the exam.

By following these steps, candidates can prepare effectively for KIITEE Management 2023 exam and increase their chances of success.


What are the best books for KIITEE Management 2023 exam?

There is no one “best” book for KIITEE Management 2023 exam. However, recommended books include How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT by Arun Sharma, Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by R.S. Aggarwal, Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT by Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay, KIITEE Management MBA Entrance Exam Guide by R. Gupta’s, and General Knowledge 2023 by Manohar Pandey.

Where can I buy KIITEE Management 2023 Best Books?

KIITEE Management 2023 Best Books are available at most bookstores and online retailers, including Amazon, Flipkart, and other online platforms.

Can I rely solely on KIITEE Management 2023 Best Books for my preparation?

While KIITEE Management 2023 Best Books are a crucial component of exam preparation, candidates should also supplement their studies with other resources such as sample papers, previous year papers, and mock tests. Candidates should also focus on regular practice, time management, and confidence-building strategies to improve their chances of success.

Are previous year’s question papers helpful in KIITEE Management 2023 preparation?

Yes, previous year’s question papers are an essential resource for KIITEE Management 2023 preparation. Practising previous year’s papers helps candidates understand the exam pattern, type of questions asked, and difficulty level of the exam. Candidates can also use previous years’ papers to identify their strengths and weaknesses and improve their problem-solving skills.

In summary, the right KIITEE Management 2023 Best Books can make all the difference in a candidate’s preparation and performance in the entrance exam. It is therefore crucial that candidates choose the best books available to ensure they are well-prepared to take the exam.

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