Why was the Emergency Imposed in 1975?

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The 21-month-long national emergency in 1975 began with “The President of India has proclaimed emergency. There is nothing to worry about,” by Indira Gandhi on All India Radio. It began from 25 June 1975 till 19 March 1977. The fundamental rights of all individuals were taken away, there were no signs of democracy and these two years were known as the darkest period of Indian history. Scroll through to know why an emergency was imposed in 1975 by the former Prime Minister. 

National Emergency

It is a matter of national danger where the government can suspend the regular rights stated in the constitution in order for greater things to take place. Under Article 352 of the constitution, it is legally possible to take away the fundamental rights of every citizen if India is threatened by external aggression or war, hampering peace, security, and stability. However, in the situation of the 1975 national emergency, it was nothing external. 

Reasons for Emergency in 1975

In 1975, it was the second emergency that broke out after the Indo-Pakistan war. Although the war ended within 2 weeks, the state of emergency took 2 years to get lifted. With an emergency still imposed, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared a third emergency on 25 June 1975. 

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The following are the reasons for imposing an emergency in 1975. 

  • As stated by the then PM, India’s security and democracy were at stake which began after the Nav Nirman movement launched by Jayaprakash Narayan that aimed to remove three major things- resignation of the Chief Minister, and dissolution of the assembly.
  • She mentions in an interview that there was an international threat to destabilize and debilitate India. 
  • Indira Gandhi thought that there was a requirement for rapid economic growth in India that could only be possible with a complete emergency. 
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