How to Prepare for TANCET in 1 Month?: Tips, Timetable, and Mistakes to Avoid

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How to Prepare for TANCET in 1 Month

Prepare for TANCET in 1 month: When you have just one month left, acing TANCET requires a laser-sharp focus. Begin by thoroughly examining the exam format and syllabus. Prepare a study schedule that fits your reality, prioritising subjects based on your strengths and weaknesses. To adapt to the exam’s feel and sharpen your time management, prioritise practising past papers and taking mock tests. Assemble brief notes for quick revision, and address any delays promptly to prevent later confusion. Maintain consistency in your studies, incorporate breaks to avoid burnout, and prioritize sufficient sleep and a balanced diet to keep your mind sharp and concentrated. To know more about How to Prepare for TANCET in 1 Month?, continue reading the blog post below. 

Particulars Details
Exam ModeOffline ( Paper-based test )
Duration of TANCET MBA120 minutes i.e 2 hours
Question TypeMultiple-choice question only
Total Questions100
Negative Marking-⅓ Mark for each incorrect answer
No. of SectionsFive
Marking Scheme+1 Mark for entrance exam
Name of sectionsAnalysis of Business SituationData sufficiency, English Grammar and Usage, Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Ability

Tips on How to Prepare for TANCET in 1 Month

One month for TANCET is tight, but strategic studying can still help. Focus on the official syllabus and prioritize high-weightage topics. Make a daily schedule with dedicated time for revising core concepts and practising with mock tests and previous years’ question papers. Aim for 3-4 mock tests a week to build speed and accuracy under timed conditions. Remember, TANCET is paper-based, so practice solving offline tests for a realistic experience.

Focus on Practice Tests

Focse to complete 3-4 mock TANCET MBA exams weekly. This will help you get comfortable with the exam format, and time management, and determine areas needing improvement.

Targeted Topic Review

For each topic in the TANCET MBA syllabus, try solving 2-3 sample papers. This will firm your understanding of key concepts and question styles within each section.

Create a Personalised Plan

If you prefer a more structured approach, believe in developing a daily or weekly study schedule that incorporates these practice tests and topic reviews.

TANCET Preparation Timetable

We have curated a preparation timetable one can refer to while aiming to get the desired results in the TANCET exam.

Days for TANCET MBA Preparation30 Days
Last-Minute Practice and Revision10 Days
Days to Practice Mock Test/ Sample PapersAt least 6 Days
Number of Days to complete the syllabus15 Days
Important Tasks to be performed dailyAim to learn 3-5 new words daily. Understand their usage in a sentence.
Regularly revising your previously covered topics refreshes your memory and strengthens your understanding.
Cover section-wise simple paper to identify areas needing improvement and build your test-taking confidence.
Prepare clear and concise notes for each subject.
Tick mark all the topics you have covered and what is remaining. Highlight areas that require further attention.
Hours to Study in a Day4-5 Hours
Number of Days for Practise(Every Week)2-3 Days

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Books for Preparing for TANCET in 1 Month

Choosing the right books is important when preparing for TANCET in 1 month. Focus on books that cover the entire syllabus thoroughly and offer an abundance of practice questions. Prioritize books with clear concepts and ample practice material to maximize your study efficiency. Here are a few books for students’ reference for them to prepare for TANCET in 1 month:

Quantitative AbilityQuantitative Aptitude Quantum CATClass IX and X books(NCERT)Quantitative Aptitude by RS Aggarwal
Data SufficiencyData Interpretation Simplified by Jagan SanejaData Interpretation & Data Sufficiency by Ananta Ashisha
Business SituationReasoning Book for Competitive Examinations by PearsonAnalytical Reasoning by MK Pandey
Verbal AbilityWord Power Made Easy by Norman LewisHigh School English Grammer and Composition by Wren & MartinA New Approach to Reasoning By B.S. Sijwali & S. Sijwali Arihant

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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for TANCET in 1 Month

If preparing for TANCET in 1 month, candidates must focus on strengths, revise core concepts, and practice past papers. They must not get bogged down by new topics, and manage exam time effectively to avoid careless mistakes. Here are some common mistakes to avoid while preparing for TANCET in 1 month:

  • Problem facing: Focusing only on strengths while neglecting weaknesses creates an unbalanced foundation.
  • Test Anxiety Through Neglect: Missing practice tests and past papers leaves you unprepared for the exam timing and format.
  • Quantity Over Quality: Studying thoroughly the reference books can lead to confusion and information overload. Adhere to a core set of high-quality resources.
  • Feast or Famine Studying: Inconsistent study habits hamper knowledge retention and make it difficult to build a flow.
  • Allowing Knowledge Fade: Igonering revision makes retaining information a severe battle.
  • Time Management: Unaware of effective time management and question-solving techniques? You’re setting yourself up for trouble.
  • Focus on Health: Ignoring proper sleep, nutrition, and exercise can negatively impact concentration and overall well-being, and can hamper your exam performance.

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Can I Prepare for TANCET in One Month?

Ideally, preparing for the TANCET exam takes at least five months. Candidates aiming for TANCET 2025 should have already started their preparation to ensure thorough readiness for the exam.

What is considered a good percentage in TANCET?

A good percentage in TANCET typically means scoring in the 99th percentile or higher, as this is what the top TANCET colleges generally require. For the open category, the cutoff scores for TANCET MBA at leading universities, colleges, and institutes usually fall between 34 and 64.

What is preferable easy MAT or TANCET?

TANCET is generally considered easier compared to MAT.

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