7 Top Magazines for UPSC Aspirants 2024: Links Provided

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Top Magazines for UPSC Aspirants

Magazines are additional reading materials that are highly beneficial for UPSC Civil Service exam preparation. You can read only some magazines on the market to prepare for the UPSC; there are plenty of current affairs magazines available. Getting familiar with articles from a few chosen monthly UPSC magazines can help you achieve good marks in both the UPSC Mains Examination and Civil Services Prelims.

The articles’ varied authors over a range of issues encourage candidates to come up with a variety of views and viewpoints that will benefit them in the interview and on the UPSC IAS Mains Examination. To learn more about the top monthly publications, continue reading if you’re unsure which ones to read for the UPSC.

Top Magazines for UPSC IAS Aspirants

Yojana, Kurukshetra, Economic and Political Weekly, Down to Earth, Pratiyogita Darpan, Civil Services Times, and Competition Success Review are the top 7 magazines for UPSC IAS preparation.

Monthly current affairs magazines are crucial for UPSC exam preparation, as they usually pose theoretical questions related to current affairs.

To get such proficiency or understanding, one needs to read daily newspapers and weekly and monthly current affairs magazines covering every aspect of current events occurring in India and beyond.

These materials are readily available in print and digital formats, and they assist students through all three exam rounds.

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Yojana is one of the best monthly current affairs magazines for the UPSC exam because it covers socioeconomic issues from an Indian perspective. The I&B ministry of the Indian government publishes Yojana magazine every month.

  • Every year, one or two articles from Yojana magazine are included in the UPSC Main Exam.
  • Covered topics include federalism, agriculture, budgeting, and governance.
  • Because it is a government publication, it offers a balanced evaluation of the benefits and drawbacks, which is essential for getting ready for the Civil Services Examination and especially for the interview.
  • The Yojana is beneficial for essay assignments as well as general studies assignments for papers II and III.

You can directly get the book from the link below:

Yojana Book Link


Kurukshetra is a monthly publication released by the Indian government’s Ministry of Rural Development. It addresses subjects about rural development. This Current Affairs Magazine is published by the Publications Division, just like Yojana.

  • It serves as a forum for critical discussion of a range of issues related to farming and rural development. It facilitates the candidate’s understanding of the government’s new initiatives. This is very useful for public administration careers.
  • Reading Kurukshetra will help in the preliminary and main exams because UPSC emphasises rural development and the environment, among other things, which is in line with current trends in the civil service exam.

You can directly get the book from the link below:

Kurukshetra Book Link

Economic and Political Weekly:

Economic and Political Weekly is a respectable and excellent social science magazine, however its applicability to the UPSC exams is restricted. Their writing is so technical that it takes multiple readings to fully understand.

  • It publishes analyses of current affairs along with academic papers in the social sciences.
  • The Economic and Political Weekly is a multidisciplinary publication that covers issues related to economics as well as history, political science, sociology, and environmental studies.
  • The collection features writings from prominent subject field specialists, well-known public commentators, and political activists.
  • The following subjects are mostly covered by this magazine when it comes to disputes: academics, researchers, policymakers, independent thinkers, members of non-governmental organisations, and political activists.

You can directly get the book from the link below:

Economic and Political weekly Book Link

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Down to Earth:

This journal covers the following subjects: financial stability, the environment, health, and livelihood. Based on news and information on the primary problems that Indian society is currently facing, this current affairs magazine is published.

  • UPSC aspirants are expected to review this magazine because most exam questions deal with environmental topics.
  • Down to Earth offers students a comprehensive analysis of the politics pertaining to development, the environment, and health every two weeks.
  • The articles in this publication, which is published by UPSC, are contributed by prominent subject matter experts, activists, and commentators with a focus on environmental awareness and issues.

You can directly get the book from the link below:

Down To Earth Book Link

Pratiyogita Darpan:

In 1978, Shri Mahendra Jain established Pratiyogita Darpan, a well-liked magazine for UPSC that is read widely and studied for exams. It was produced by the Upkar Prakashan of Agra.

  • Current affairs, the Indian constitution, geography, history, politics, and the economy are just a few of the many subjects it covers.
  • According to the Indian Readership Survey (IRS), it was the most popular professional and educational magazine in India in 2011.
  • With a total readership of 5 million, it was the third-largest magazine in India, with an average issue readership (AIR) of 2.154 million.

You can directly get the book from the link below:

Pratiyogita Darpan Book Link

Civil Services Times:

The Civil Services Times is a UPSC news magazine that is registered with the Registrar of Newspapers for India and is published by the Government of India (Ministry of IB).

For this UPSC Current Affairs Magazine, in-depth information articles are also created by taking previous test questions into consideration.

  • This UPSC current affairs magazine thus covers all relevant test areas, including science and technology, national and international affairs, foreign policy, and the economy, as a result of all these covering difficulties.
  • It also places a strong emphasis on subjects including sociology, politics, economics, culture, and the environment.

You can directly get the book from the link below:

Civil Services Times Book Link

Competition Success Review:

Competition Success Review, often abbreviated as CSR, is a general knowledge magazine published in India that is targeted at students preparing for the Union Public Service Commission exams.

  • Its material includes general knowledge with a focus on Indian current events, tips for college interviews, interviews with IAS high-rankers, advice for general discussions and interviews, and sample question papers for various competitive exams.
  • In 1964, it was initially made available as a pull-out supplement.
  • Bringing readers up to date on both domestic and international events is the main objective of this publication.
  • It is a recurring theme in the civil service interview process with applicants. Additionally, it shares the inspiring stories of CSE toppers, which benefit aspiring candidates.

You can directly get the book from the link below:

Competition Success Review Book Link
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Which is the best magazine for UPSC Current Affairs?

Those who have less time to prepare must select Yojana as their UPSC magazine of choice. The magazine is relevant for the Prelims and Mains since it contains subjects that are India-focused and reasonable factual data.

Which is the best weekly magazine for UPSC aspirants?

The Economic and Political Weekly magazine (EPW) is a highly esteemed and distinguished social science publication. This weekly UPSC magazine examines academic social science articles and current events.

Which is the best newspaper for UPSC aspirants?

An excellent source of current affairs information is provided by the newspaper. The top three newspapers that IAS toppers suggest reading in order to prepare for the UPSC exam are listed below:

  • The Indian Express
  • Business Standard
  • The Hindu

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