How to Prepare for UPSC Optional Sociology? 📖

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How to Prepare for UPSC Optional Sociology?

We know that a lot of students are now appearing for UPSC Exams. One of the most selected optional subjects in the UPSC exam is Sociology. Some of you might have selected the subject and wondering how to prepare for the exam.

In this blog, we have answered your question about “How to prepare for UPSC Optional Sociology” which includes tips, and inclusion of the preparation materials.

How to Prepare for UPSC Optional Sociology?

Confused about where to begin your preparations and what to do? To prepare effectively for the UPSC optional sociology examination, follow the steps outlined below.

Understand the Syllabus

Understand your syllabus completely. Develop a brief understanding of the highest-scoring sections of the examination. For more brief ideas, you can have a look at the topic-wise weightage of the UPSC Sociology Syllabus.

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Topic-wise Analysis of Sociology Paper-I

TopicsMarks on Each Topic
The Discipline30202030
Sociology as Science40305030
Research Methods30403020
Works and Economic Life30303030
Politics and Society40305060
Religion and Society30504030
Systems of Kinship50402030
Social Change50505060

Topic-wise Analysis of Sociology Paper-I

TopicsMarks on Each Topic
Impact of colonial rule40104030
Systems of Kinship in India020030
Caste system50605020
Tribal communities in India20302040
Social classes in India010020
Religion and Society30305020
Politics and Society10203030
Visions of social change in India0000
Rural and agrarian transformation30501020
Industrialization and urbanisation40801010
Politics and society2002010
Social movements in modern India20204050
Population dynamics30201030
Challenges of social transformation50409060

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Must Do Answer Writing Practice📝

Develop the habit of regularly practising the questions. It helps in developing writing speed and gaining more accuracy in the answers while you are writing them. Also, it will help you retain the answers for a longer period of time.

Making Notes is Important 📑

Take notes of every small thing that you read. Keeping notes of everything helps you to easily revise the syllabus again. You will not have to go through the whole syllabus again when it comes to the revision part. Also writing down something helps you remember it for a longer time period.

Take a Test Series for UPSC Sociology📄

It is very important to conduct self-analysis on a regular time period. Take regular tests to analyze your weak areas and your pain points while attempting a question paper. Take a proper seating of 3 hours and attempt the test paper.

Study Previous Year Question Papers 📃

To clear the exam without any hassle, sit down and study the previous year’s question papers. It helps you understand the exam pattern. Also, by comparing the previous 10 years or more question papers, you can find out the questions that are repetitive in the examination.

Sociology IAS UPSC Exam – Subject Performance👨‍🎓

As per the data of the 2016 report, a total of 1555 candidates appeared in the examination. However, only 89 candidates were recommended. In 2014, 1819 candidates opted for sociology as their optional subject, and 193 candidates were recommended.

YearsNumber of AppearedNumber of RecommendedRate of Success
2015147917311.7 %
2014181919310.6 %

Answer Sheets of Sociology Toppers ⬇️

Below, we are attaching the top answer sheets of the sociology of the toppers. You can analyze the answer sheets to get an idea about the pattern of the answers in the exam.

Download Answer SheetsAnswer Sheets
Neha Bhosle Rank – 15, 2019
Neha Bandhu Rank – 121, 2019
Srushti Deshmukh Rank – 5, 2018
Sanya Chhabra Rank – 84, 2018
Gaurav Kumar Rank – 34, 2017
Sudhir Kumar Rank – 42, 2017

Best Reference Books for UPSC Sociology📖

Other than using and referring to the different question papers available online, students can also take a look at the reference books to prepare for UPSC Sociology:

BooksAuthor NameLink
Introduction to Sociology Anthony GiddensClick Here
Sociological Theory George RitzerClick Here
Sociology Themes and PerspectivesHaralambos & HolbornClick Here
A Dictionary of SociologyJohn ScottClick Here
An Introduction to Political Theory byO P GaubaClick Here
Social Change in Modern IndiaM N SrinivasClick Here
Handbook of Indian Sociology Veena DasClick Here
Modernization of Indian TraditionYogendra SinghClick Here
Social Background of Indian NationalismA R DesaiClick Here
Rural SociologyS.L Doshi and P.C JainClick Here

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Is sociology easy for UPSC optional?

The subject is easy to cover. However, it purely depends on your interest area. If you are someone who has a strong interest in sociology then, it can be a good and scoring subject,

How can I get good marks in the sociology optional UPSC?

To score good marks in sociology optional UPSC, you need to first understand the syllabus, prepare a strategy for the preparation, and follow a sequence of steps to secure good marks. For more clear guidance you can refer to the above blog.

Can I complete sociology optional in 3 months?

3 months is a decent time to cover the sociology syllabus. However, it also depends on you how fast you can understand and learn things.

This was all about the “How to Prepare for UPSC Optional Sociology”.  For more such informative blogs, check out our UPSC Exams Section, or you can learn more about us by visiting our  Indian exams page.

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