100 in Words: How to Spell 100 in English and Solved Examples

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100 in Words

In words, 100 is written as ‘one hundred’ or ‘hundred’. This word is used to represent quantity in a variety of contexts, such as “there are a hundred cars parked in the space.” To represent this number in currency, we write rupees one hundred only. In this article, we will explain how to write 100 in English.

What is 100?

100 is a number used to represent a quantity or numerical value. It’s a natural number that comes between 99 and 101.

  • 100 is a natural number
  • 100 is a whole number
  • 100 is an even number
  • 100 is a perfect square
  • 100 is a cardinal number
  • 100 is a composite number

100 in Words in English

Using the English alphabet, 100 is written as ‘one hundred’ or simply ‘hundred’ in words. 

100 in wordsOne hundred or Hundred
One hundred in numbers100

How to Convert 100 in Words?

The place value of Indian numbers is ordered from right to left as hundreds, tens, and ones. We write the three-digit number 100 in its place value as follows:


Hence from the above table, we can express 100 as;

= 1x hundreds+ 0 x tens+ 0 x ones

= 100+0+0

= 100

= One hundred

Therefore, 100 in words is One hundred

Facts of Number 100

Some important facts related to number 100 are mentioned here:

  • 100 is the sum of the first ten odd numbers (1+3+5+7+9+11+13+17+19+21=100).
  • In Belgium, the telephone number for ambulances and firefighters is 100. 
  • The sum of the cubes of the first four integers is equal to 100.
  •  In Old Norse, the word hundrad, from where our ‘hundred’ comes, originally denoted 12
  •  There are 100 pennies in one dollar.
  • Percentages are based on the number 100, with 100 per cent representing the whole amount. 
  • In Roman numerals, 100 is denoted as C.

Solved Examples on 100 in Words

  1. What is 50+50? Write in words.


According to the English Alphabet,

50= Fifty



Which means,

Fifty+ Fifty= One hundred

  1. Write the place value of one hundred. Write in numbers.


As per the Indian place value system,


Which means,

 1 Hundreds + 0 Tens + 0 Ones

Hence, the number is 100

90 to 110 Numbers in Words

90Ninety101One hundred one
91Ninety-one102One hundred two
92Ninety-two103One hundred three
93Ninety-three104One hundred four
94Ninety-four105One hundred five
95Ninety-five106One hundred six
96Ninety-six107One hundred seven
97Ninety-seven108One hundred eight
98Ninety-eight109One hundred nine
99Ninety-nine110One hundred ten
100One hundred
73 in Words63 in Words
61 in Words
35 in Words82 in Words
89 In Words


How can I write 100 in words?

100 can be written as ‘One hundred’ or simply as ‘Hundred’.

Is 100 a prime number?

No, 100 is not a prime number as it has more than 2 factors.

What is the place value of 100?

As per the Indian place value system,
The place value of 100 is:
=1x hundreds + 0 x tens + 0 x ones

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