J and K Bank Education Loan Scheme to Study in India in 2023

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The Jammu and Kashmir Bank Education Loan Scheme to Study in India in 2023 provides qualifying students with loans up to INR 10 lakhs. The loan can be used to pay for tuition, dorm fees, books, and other costs associated with attending school in India. For loans with collateral, the interest rate ranges from 9 to 11 percent; for loans without collateral, it ranges from 12 to 14 percent. Up to 15 years are allowed for loan repayment. Read this article to know more about the J and K bank loan scheme to study in India 

Bank Name  J and K Bank 
Loan Limit  Up to 10 lack 
Loan Repayment Duration  Up to 15 years with Moratorium Period
Moratorium Period Duration of Course plus one year 
Co-applicant  Siblings, spouse, parents, parents in law 
Collateral  FD, Flat, Land, House 
Interest Rate  9-11% for collateral loans and 12-14% for non-collateral loans
Processing Fee  No Processing Fee 

About J and K Bank Loan to Study in India

A Scheduled Commercial Bank and one of India’s first private sector banks, Jammu and Kashmir Bank (J&K Bank) was founded in 1938. With its corporate headquarters in Srinagar, the bank is listed on the NSE and the BSE. The Reserve Bank of India recognizes the bank as its official agent for handling banking activity on behalf of the governments of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh and operates as a top bank in these union territories. J&K Bank provides banking services to clientele, including business clients, staff members of governmental, semi-governmental, and autonomous entities, farmers, craftsmen, public sector organizations, and corporate clients. 

Benefits of J and K Loan to Study in India

There are several benefits of the J anthe d K Bank loan scheme to study in India, here some of which are listed below. 

  • There are several benefits of the J anthe d K Bank loan scheme to study in India, here some of which are listed below. 
  • J and K Bank provide you with education loan upto 10 lack, which helps you to cover your education expenses
  • The interest rate of J and k Education loan is relatively low compare the many banks 
  • J and K Bank provides you with an easy process for education loans, you can apply online or you can visit the nearby branch. 
  • The repayment system will provide you with a tenure of 15 years, so you have a good time to repay your education loan.

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Interest Rate

A J and K Bank loan scheme to study in India has an interest rate of 9-11% for loans with collateral and 12-14% for loans without collateral. The loan can be repaid over a maximum of 15 years.

Amount of loan  Up to 5 years (Fixed Rate of Interest) in duration Longer than a five-year term (Floating Rate of Interest)
Up to Rs. 10.00 Lakhs RRLR+ 2.00%  RLLR + 1.50 %
Above Rs. 10.00 lakhs and up to Rs. 20.00 lakhs RLLR + 3.00% RLLR + 2.25 %
Above Rs. 20.00 Lakhs RLLR + 3.50% RLLR + 2.75 %


This is the margin of the J and K Bank loan scheme to study in India 

Country  Loan Margin on above 4 lack 
Indian 5 % 
Abroad  15 % 

Expenses Covered 

This is the list of expenses covered under the J and K Bank loan scheme to study in India

  • Examination Fee 
  • Tuition Fee
  • Admission Fee
  • Purchase of Computer 
  • Library Fee 
  • Living Expense
  • Miscellaneous expenses

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Eligible Courses

Numerous courses are eligible for the J&K Bank Education Loan Scheme, including:

  • For graduation, take courses in professional or technical fields that are offered by reputable colleges.
  • MCA, MS, MBA, etc. are postgraduate options
  • Courses provided by CPA-USA and CIMA-London
  • Courses in Aeronautical, aviation, pilot training, shipping, etc. offered by reputable universities worldwide

List of Approved Institute 

Here is the list of Approved institutes for J and K Education loan 

  • Medical Institute 
  • Bio-Technology Institute
  • Engineering Institute 
  • Management Institute 
  • Physical education Institute 
  • Art, Commerce, Science Institute, etc.

Eligibility Requirements 

The prerequisites for a J and K Bank loan scheme to study in India are listed below. If you meet all of the conditions, you may submit an application.

  • The candidate belongs to Jammu and Kashmir 
  • He or she must be between the ages of 18 to 35 
  • Be a citizen of India 
  • Applicant should be a Class 12 diploma or a comparable qualification
  • The applicant has received admission to a reputable Indian educational institution
  • Possess a positive credit history
  • You must offer collateral security when seeking for a loan of more than INR 10 lakhs. This might be a piece of real estate, a car, or any other asset you possess.

How to Apply to the J and K Bank Loan Scheme to Study in India

The procedures you must take to apply for an education loan from Jammu and Kashmir Bank are listed below.


  • Visit the Jammu and Kashmir Bank’s page for educational loans.
  • Examine the eligibility requirements and paperwork needed for an education loan.
  • Fill out the Education Loan Application Form with all the necessary information.
  • A stress-free process will continue after our representative contacts you shortly.


  • Bring the list of documents listed when you visit the bank.
  • Ask for and adhere to directions from Bank staff.
  • You might be able to secure a sanction for an education loan by following the Bank’s instructions.

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Documents Required 

The following documents should be submitted to your nearby J and K Bank branch along with the completed application form:

  • Identity proof like a passport, driver’s license, voter ID card, or any other government-issued identification.
  • As evidence of residency, a utility bill or voter ID card is acceptable.
  • A paycheck slip, tax return, or any other document that demonstrates your income is acceptable as proof of your earnings.
  • Your enrollment in the course, its duration, and the associated tuition expenses should all be included in your letter of admission.
  • Fee structure The breakdown of your course’s tuition costs is displayed in the structure.


Does the Jammu and Kashmir Bank charge a processing fee for student loans?

For Jammu and Kashmir Bank international education loans, a processing fee of 1% of the loan amount is charged, which is refundable. It is limited to a maximum of 5,000, though. However, there isn’t a processing charge for loans for in-country studies.

How much does the JK Bank Education Loan Programme charge in interest?

The student loan programme from JK Bank offers loans with interest rates ranging from 9 to 14%.

Who is eligible to apply for a student loan from the Jammu and Kashmir Bank?

A citizen of India who has been accepted to a university in their country or abroad may apply for an education loan from Jammu and Kashmir Bank.

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