What is the LAC Full Form?

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LAC full form

The LAC full form is Line of Actual Control. It is often referred to as the de facto border between India and China, it is considered to be a boundary. The LAC is 4,057 – Kilometer long border line that separates the Indian Ocean-occupied area in Jammu and Kashmir from the Chinese-occupied area of Aksai Chin. Many regions are included in this route like Ladakh, Kashmir, Himachal, Sikkim, Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh. Even though there is no actual agreement in the ground position between the two nations, in 1993 a bilateral agreement gave rise to the idea of the Line of Actual Control. 

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What are the Sectors of LAC?

The LAC is divided into three sectors which are as follows:

  • The western sector between Ladakh on the side of India and from the Chinese side, the Tibet and Xinjiang autonomous regions. This was the region of China-India skirmishes in 2020
  • The middle sector includes Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh on the Indian side and the Tibet autonomous region on the Chinese side
  • The eastern sector is between Zangnan (South Tibet)/Arunachal Pradesh on the side of India and on the side of China the Tibet autonomous region. The sector generally follows the McMahon Line. 

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What is the Current Situation of LAC?

The mobilizations of China are still ongoing along the Line of Actual Control (LOC) even two years after the conflict began The problem of 202 was a “wake-up call” and “more focus” was given to the issue at the northern frontiers. In 2017, a 73-day military standoff between China and India occurred at Doklam, the intersection of Bhutan, China and India. 

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