What is the Full Form of DSC?

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What is the Full Form of DSC?

The full form of DSC is Digital Signature Certificate. The certifying authority provides a secured digital key called a DSC, sometimes known as a DSC, to confirm and validate the identity of the person holding the certificate. Also, digital signatures created by using public key authentication. Moreover, the DSC contains information on the user’s profile, pin code, nation, email address, certificate issuance date, and name of the certifying authority.

Types of DSC

The type of client and the goal for which the DSC acquire determine the class of DSC that is used. Further, the three different types of DSC are:

Certified Type 1

These are available to the individual or private users who use them to check whether the recipient’s name and contact information may be discovered in the database of the certifying agency in the clearly defined issue area.

Certified Type 2

For use in e-filing with the ROC (Registrar of Companies), these are provided to the organization’s director or designated signing representative. Type 2 certification is required for those who must sign documentation while submitting ROC returns manually.

Certified Type 3

These certifications recognise all over India for online participation and e-auction bidding. Moreover, any seller who wishes to participate in online bidding must possess a Type 3 digital signature certificate.

Advantages of DSC

Below mentioned are the advantages of DSC:

  • Online transactions can verify a company’s validity and personal data.
  • You can sign the PDF file digitally and start sending it to the receiver rather than signing and scanning a paper copy of the document. The physical presence of the holder of a digitally signed certificate is not require in order for the business to approve it.
  • For online participation and/or bidding in e-auctions and online tenders, these papers use throughout India. A Class 3 digital certificate is require for vendors to take part in online bidding.

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