What is the Full Form of AIR?

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full form of AIR

The full form of AIR is All India Radio. AIR was initially known as Akshvani and in 1956 it was referred to as All India Radio. It is a part of the biggest public radio in India called Prasar Bharti. It is part of the biggest and most influential radio program in terms of diversity of spoken languages and cultural and socioeconomic diversity. The corporate headquarters if AIR is located in New Delhi. Currently, AIR covers 89 points via its broadcasting stations with the reach of 98% of the population of India. 

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What is the History of AIR?

The following are the important details about the history of AIR:

  • Radio broadcasting in India was established in 1923
  • The Bombay Radio Club conducted  the nation’s first broadcast in June 1923
  • After five months of the development of the Calcutta Radio Club occurred
  • On 23 July 23, 1927, the Indian Broadcasting Company (IBC)  was established 
  • The Industries and Labour Division’s Indian broadcasting resumed its industrial-scale operations in April 1930
  • The next month, a private radio station called Akashvani Mysore was established
  • The Indian State Broadcasting Service changed its name to AIR on 8 June 1936

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What are the DTH channels of AIR?

The following are the national DTH channels offered by AIR:

Channel Service
Vividh Bharati Hindi Music Radio 
AIR FM Rainbow India Hindi and English Music Radio 
AIR FM Gold Delhi Classic Hindi Music and News Radio
Gyan Vani Hindi and English Educational Radio 
AIR Urdu Urdu Entertainment Radio 
Raagam Indian Classical Music Radio

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