What is the National Sport of India?

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Many of us believe that Hockey is the National sport of India, but the reality is different. According to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, there is no game designated as the National sport of India. Undoubtedly, India won many Olympic medals in Hockey games. Today Hockey is so popular in the country because of Major Dhyanchand, Dhanraj Pillai and many other players. 

Before the announcement made by the Government of India, it has long been debated whether India is better at hockey or Kabaddi. A national sport of a country encourages people for being physically fit. In this blog, we have mentioned detailed information related to the National sport.

National sport of India

Hockey is one of the oldest sports in India. India won six consecutive hockey gold medals at the Olympics between 1928 and 1956. You may have learnt in your school that Hockey is the national sport of India. It is a popular perception of many Indians, but wait it’s not the reality. The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports made it clear that the government has not declared any sport or game as National Sport.


Facts About Hockey in India

  1. Indian Hockey Federation was founded in the year 1925.
  2. India become the first non-European country to be part of the International Hockey Federation in 1928.
  3. India took part in the Olympics for the first time in 1928. 
  4. All India Women’s Hockey Federation was formed in 1947.
  5. In 1971, India played the first Hockey World Cup and ranked 3rd.

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Is Hockey National Game of India?

According to the reply given by the Government of India to an RTI, there is no sport or game is designated as the National Sport of India. It is known to all that various symbols are used to express the culture and identity of a Nation. Since hockey is the oldest game in India so it is unofficially declared a national game. 

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What is the national sport of India?

According to the GOI, there is no game is declared as the national sport of India.

When is the national sports day in India?

29 August is declared as National Sports Day of India in 2012. 29 August is the birth anniversary of famous hockey player Major Dhyanchand.

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