What is the Full Form of LLR?

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LLR Full Form is Learner’s Licence Registration. To practise driving a motor vehicle on the road in India, one must possess a valid LLR as long as they are under the supervision of a driver with a permanent licence. One should obtain a learner’s permit, or LLR, before applying for a driver’s licence. Anyone who has reached the age of 18 may apply for LLR online at the government website. With the aid of your Pincode, you can choose your RTO or MVI office.

How to Apply for LLR?

 You have two options for applying for LLR: directly or through accredited driving schools. Online forms are self-directed and ask for all necessary information. You must upload all required documentation, including proof of address, proof of age, and a medical certificate if the candidate is older than 40.

You have the option of paying fees offline at your nearby SBI branch or online. After the Motor Vehicles Inspector has reviewed your application and the fee is paid, photos will be taken, and you can print your LLR from the portal. You have one month from the day the LLR was issued to apply for the DL of your choice. This LLR is valid for six months.

If the applicant fails the Learner Licence test, he or she may retake it the following day after paying the required fees. If the LLR has expired, the applicant must reapply.

Schedule for the LLR Exam

  • Road rules, traffic signs, and signals were developed.
  • Duties of the driver after a collision.
  • When passing an unmanned railway crossing, exercise caution.
  • The paperwork that a driver should always have on hand.

Maximum Age

Anyone who has reached the age of 16 may obtain a licence to operate a motorbike with no gear that is no larger than 50 cc.(with a parent’s permission) Anyone who has reached the age of 18 may obtain a licence to operate a light motor vehicle and a motorcycle with gears or somebody who has reached the age of 20.

Documents necessary

  • Online-generated Application in Form-2
  • Timeless. 
  • Address verification.
  • In the event of a transport vehicle and if the applicant is older than 40 years old, a medical certificate in Form No.1-A is required.
  • Form 1 of the Application and Declaration of Physical Fitness.


LLR for a single class of vehicle Rs.230/-.

LLR for a double class of vehicle Rs.380/-.

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