Which was the First Constitution in the World? 

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The first constitution in the world is said to be the constitution of the Republic of San Marino also called the Constitution of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino. It came into effect on 8 October 1600. It is a combination of 6 Latin written books also known as ‘Statues of 1600’. However, the oldest active codified constitution in the world is the Constitution of the United States. Moreover, the longest written constitution of the world is the Indian Constitution. 

What is a Constitution? 

It is a compilation of fundamental principles of judgment for a specified place which makes a legal basis for guiding the citizens. When it is written in any form or documented well in a written form it is called a written constitution. 

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Republic of San Marino

The Constitution of the Republic of San Marino follows a distribution of legislative instruments among them the most common are the following:

The Statues of 1600– The current legal system of the nation dates back to 8 October 1600. The writer of this compilation is Camilla Bonelli. It is completely written in Latin and is a compilation of 6 books within this one. Their current system is the renewal of Statuti Comunali (Town Statue) which served the nation since 1300.

Declaration of Citizen Rights– On 12 July 1974, the new law adopted by the Grand and General Council was signed by Captain Regent. It declares the principle fundamentals for the judgment order of the country San Marino. Jorri Duusrma describes the fundamental law of the Republic as the one in 1974. 

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