Did You Know These 20 Facts About Nails?

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facts about nails

While some people prefer to adorn their fingernails with beautiful nail art, others tend to appreciate their natural beauty. Despite the difference in their appearance, nails play an important role in keeping our fingertips safe. Although many of us take our fingernails for granted, we must maintain cleanliness and trim them regularly to prevent possible damage. This highlights the complexity of our nails that goes beyond how they appear to human eyes. Here are 20 other amazing facts about nails to blow your mind.

Fun Facts About Nails

1. Nails belong to the integumentary system along with skin and hair. It is responsible for protecting your body from any damage or infection.

2. Nails are made up of four parts, the matrix, the nail plate, the nail bed, and the cuticle. 

3. Nails grow under your skin. As new cells develop, they push out the old cells out, giving an illusion that they are growing. 

Facts About Nails

4. Your nails grow about 3-4 millimetres every month.

5. It is believed that the nails of your dominant hand grow faster. 

6. Your fingernails do not sweat because your nail bed does not contain any sweat glands. 

Facts About Nails

7. Your fingernails need blood for proper nutrition and growth. 

8. Some people believe that nails grow faster in the summer season than in winter. 

9. Toenails grow at half the speed of fingernails. 

10. Onychophagia is the term used to refer to the habit of biting your fingernails. 

Facts About Nails

11. Your hair and nails are made up of the same protein, keratin. 

12. Your nails are much stronger than your hair due to the different ways of molecule arrangement. 

13. The growth of our fingernails slows down as we age. 

14. When a person dies, their fingernails stop growing. However, the skin around their fingers contracts, making the fingernails appear longer. (Also Read: Did You Know These 20 Scary Facts About Death?)

Facts About Nails

15. The dermis, a layer of skin under the nails has sensory nerve endings. 

16. The texture of fingernails depends on your genetics. However, certain factors such as nutrition, ageing, and medical conditions can affect your nails. 

17. Minor injuries usually cause white spots or lines in your nails. They are harmless and will eventually grow out. 

18. Nails separate primates like humans from other mammals who have claws or opposable thumbs. 

Facts About Nails

19. Your cuticles protect the new nails from germs as they grow under the skin. Therefore, you should never cut your cuticles.

20. You must take breaks between applying nail paint or getting fake acrylic nails too frequently to protect your nails from damage. 

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