15 Facts About Lotus Temple: The Bahá’í House of Worship

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facts about lotus temple

Lotus Temple, also known as the Bahá’í House of Worship, is among the most popular tourist attractions in Delhi. Established in 1986, this flower-shaped architecture holds great significance for the people of the Bahá’í faith. Moreover, the Lotus Temple is characterized by its unique flower-shaped architecture that attracts travellers from all over the world. Here are a few other fun facts about the Lotus Temple for students to explore its history and other details. 

Interesting Facts About Lotus Temple

1. The Lotus Temple was designed by Fariboz Sahba, a famous Iranian architect

2. The temple and its architect have won numerous awards, including from the UK’s Institute of Structural Engineers in 1987. 

3. The Lotus Temple of Delhi is one of the nine mashriqs in the world. It belongs to a group of people who believe in the Bahá’í faith. 

4. As the name suggests, the construction of this temple is inspired by the lotus flower. It symbolises simplicity, unity in mankind, and clarity in life. 

5. The temple contains 27 marble petals, clustered into groups of 3 to form its nine sides and into groups of 9 to form three concentric rings. 

6. It was consecrated and opened to the general public in December 1986. 

7. The Lotus Temple features a capacity of 2500 people. 

8. Like other mashriqs, the Lotus Temple is characterized by a nine-sided construction. It is built according to the Bahá’í beliefs which state that number 9 has mystical properties. 

9. It is constructed using marble, which was exported from Greece. 

10. The Lotus Temple complex includes nine pools surrounded by red sandstone walkways and gardens.

11. Ardishir Rustampur, a resident of Hyderabad, donated his entire savings for the construction of the Lotus Temple. 

12. The Lotus Temple also holds a Guinness world record for being India’s most visited religious place with over 10,000 tourists every day. 

13. It is one of the first temples in Delhi that uses solar power. 

14. The temple also features an audio-visual room for visitors to learn more about Bahá’í faith and beliefs. 

15. The Lotus Tempe also offers numerous activities to teach visitors about their faith. This includes devotional gatherings, junior youth classes, children’s classes, and more.

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