13 Facts About The Tamil Language You Ought To Know! 

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facts about Tamil language

Languages are the most beautiful way we get to communicate with one another. In India, we have a plethora of languages that are used in our urban areas and remote rural regions, each having their dialect and tone. The Tamil language is one of the oldest languages to ever exist in the world. Moreover, in India, it is an independent language that has not been derived from Sanskrit! Tamil is spoken in southern India and some countries in South Asia such as Sri Lanka and Singapore where it is considered an official language. Read on to learn more Facts about the Tamil language! 

Facts About The Tamil Language

  1. Tamil is one of the oldest living languages which dates back over two millennia which is 2000 years. There is historical proof in a cave in the Tirupparankundram hillock, on the outskirts of Madurai that has a Tamil Brahmi inscription. 
  1. Moreover, Tamil has been recognised as a classical language by the Government of India since the 12th of October, 2004​.
  1. Intriguingly, the Tamil language is worshipped as a God in Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Thāi temple in Karaikudi is devoted to the Tamil language! 
  1. Tamil is the official language in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry (an Indian Union Territory), Sri Lanka, and Singapore. Interestingly, the Tamil language is also taught in 524 Malaysian schools! 
  1. Tamil was the first Indian language to be printed. The Portuguese missionaries published a Tamil prayer book, Thambiran Vanakkam, in the year 1578 in Goa. 
  1. Root words of Tamil are found in many languages worldwide, including Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, and Korean. One such example is bharanda or bird which is derived from Sanskrit bharanda and the root word is paranthida which means to fly. 
  1. The Tolkappiyam which is a treatise on poetry and grammar by Tolkappiyar. It was written around 200 BCE which is around 2224 years ago! 
  1. The Tamil script has evolved from the Tamil-Brahmi writing system and has maintained its classical form over the centuries. Furthermore, the parent writing system for Tamil-Brahmi is Egyptian! 
  1. The Tamil language has been intertwined with its cultural practices and has been inculcated into its music, dance as well as rituals. 
  1. The pronunciation of Tamil is “Tha-mizh,” and is a source of pride for native speakers.
  1. Interestingly, unlike many other Indian languages that have originated from Sanskrit, Tamil has originated independently! 
  1. Around the globe, there are many Tamil-speaking communities, especially in Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, and South Africa. 
  1. Lastly, there are a total of 247 combinations in the Tamil language! 

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