Third Buddhist Council Was Held During The Reign Of____?

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Third Buddhist Council was held during the reign of

Do you want to know the third Buddhist council was held during the reign of whom? Here is the answer in the blog! The Third Buddhist Council took place in 250 B.C.E. in Pataliputra, two centuries after the death of Gautam Buddha. The main purpose of the council was to address the various disputes and schisms that had arisen in the Buddhist Community. It also looked forward to the maintenance of purity and integrity of the original teachings. The Third Buddhist Council was held during the reign of Emperor Ashoka, the Great at Pataliputra, India.

The Reign of Emperor Ashoka

King Ashoka is considered as of the greatest rulers in the chapters of India’s history. He belonged to the Mauryan Empire and was famous for spreading the teachings of Buddhism and propagating the path of non-violence. He was a devout follower of Buddhism and thus organized the council to preserve and protect the authentic teachings of Buddha. The Third Buddhist Council was presided over by Venerable Thera Moggaliputta Tissa along with the son of Ashoka, Mahinda. Nearly 1000 monks from around the world attended the council.

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Agenda Of The Council

The primary agenda of the council was to compile the teachings of Buddha into three different baskets – Vinaya Pitaka, Sutta Pitaka and Abhidhamma Pitaka. The second agenda was to eliminate the heretics and their views that had arisen within the Sangha. The council focused on resolving doctrinal disputes, addressing ethical issues, and promulgating the principles of the Dhamma. Through rigorous debate and discussion, the monks at the council strove to reach a consensus on important matters concerning the practice and propagation of Buddhism.

The Council resulted in –

  • Expulsion of incorrect beliefs which started doing rounds
  • Completion of the Tripitakas
  • A Troupe of nine different groups was sent to different parts to spread Buddhism.

The Third Buddhist Council resulted in the prevalence of authenticated and orthodoxical thoughts rather than, other rumours that started in the name of the teachings of Buddha.

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