First Buddhist Council Was Held During The Reign Of _______?

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first buddhist council was held during the reign of

Are you wondering if the first Buddhist council was held during the reign of whom? Scroll further down to read the answer. The first Buddhist council was convened around 486 BCE, approximately three months after the Buddha’s mahaparinirvana, or final passing. The purpose of this council was to preserve the Buddha’s teachings, known as the Dharma, and to ensure its accurate transmission to future generations. The council was held at the Sattapanni caves in Rajgir, present-day Bihar, India. It was held during the reign of King Ajatshatru of the Magadha Dynasty. 

The Reign of King Ajatasatru

During the time of the First Buddhist Council, the ruler in power was King Ajatasatru. Ajatashatru was the son of King Bimbisara from the Haryanka Dynasty of the Magadha Kingdom and was considered one of the most powerful kingdoms in ancient India. King Ajatasatru was a patron of Buddhism and had a close relationship with the Buddha himself. It is believed that he accepted Buddhism after meeting Gautama Buddha and was also eager to support the newly emerging spiritual community.

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Agenda of the Council

Mahakasyapa, one of the Buddha’s chief disciples, presided over the first Buddhist council. The purpose of the council was to recite and authenticate the teachings of the Buddha to prevent any distortions or modifications to the original teachings. Nearly 500 arahants, or enlightened beings, who were disciples of the Buddha attended the council.

The Council resulted in –

  • Upali recites the Vinaya Pitaka, which outlines the rules of the Buddhist order. 
  • Ananda recited the Suttapitaka, which consists of the extensive collections of Buddha’s teachings on ethical beliefs and doctrine.

The First Buddhist Council set a precedent for future councils within the Buddhist tradition. However, subsequent councils were held to address doctrinal disputes, clarify teachings and uphold the integrity of the teachings of Buddha.

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