What is the Full Form of PIL?

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Full Form of PIL

PIL stands for Public Interest Litigation in its full form. The use of legislation or legal action to advance or amplify public concern for human rights and equality is referred to as this. It typically entails taking legal action or performing some type of public duty for the benefit of the state. Legal action must be done in front of a court of law when a person’s legal rights or responsibilities, the public’s welfare, or both are at issue. A PIL may be registered by any individual or group of individuals.

Functions of PIL

Check out the functions of PIL below:

  • To make the legal system more democratic, PIL is utilized as a process that considers the nation’s citizens and invites them to take part in judicial review and regulatory action.
  • Its main goal is to defend the nation’s residents by pursuing legal action on their behalf while advancing the cause of minorities and oppressed persons and groups.
  • It gives regular people access to the legal system to seek redress for more serious problems that impact the entire population or are of greater public concern than a single person.
  • For your benefit, it might be left out. The court will bear the responsibility and appoint counsel to defend the client in the litigation if it decides that the PIL has public relevance.
  • We might therefore claim that the judiciary in India only allows a person or group of people to start a lawsuit by sending a letter to a judge.
  • Direct submission of a PIL is required to either the Supreme Court or the High Court.
  • It is a privilege given to individuals to advocate for a cause by requesting legal relief from problems like unsafe conditions on the road, building risks, and so forth.

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