How to Join Merchant Navy After 12th in India: A Complete Career Guide

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How to Join Merchant Navy After 12th in India

A career in the Merchant Navy can be a very rewarding experience for those who are seeking a bit of an adventurous career that is beyond the ordinary. This career path is one of the most lucrative professions in India that offers fast career growth, traveling opportunities, and financial security. A Merchant Navy needs to deal with the marine transportation of goods, cargo, and passengers across the international water. In today’s blog, you will get a detailed insight into how to join the merchant navy after the 12th, its importance, benefits, and much more, so stay tuned and continue reading.

Profession Merchant Navy
Eligibility 10+2 or Graduate Degree in a relevant field
Industry Marine
Age LimitMinimum 17 years and Maximum 25 years
Average SalaryINR 3 Lakh to 5 Lakh per annum

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About the Indian Merchant Navy 

The Indian Merchant Navy plays a vital role in India’s maritime industry which was established in the early 20th Century and affiliated by the Ministry of Company Affairs government of India. It involves international trade which includes the transportation of goods and cargo around the globe. It has a great contribution to our country’s GDP which plays a crucial role in India’s economic growth and development. 

Source: Indian Merchant Navy

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Benefits of Joining a Merchant Navy After 12th

Even though there can be numerous benefits to joining the Merchant Navy, here are some of the key benefits we have highlighted below:

  • Attractive Salary Package- Merchant Navy professionals enjoy competitive salary packages, with tax-free income for those working on international ships.
  • Global Exposure- You can experience diverse cultures and visit exotic locations while working on international trade routes which may help you learn about different cultures.
  • Long Vacation- You can enjoy extended periods of leave, allowing you to spend quality time with family and friends as the work is contractually based.
  • Exciting Career Growth– The Merchant Navy offers a clear career progression path with opportunities to advance through the ranks.
  • Job Security– With the ever-growing global trade, the demand for skilled Merchant Navy professionals remains and is anticipated to get growth by 5% by 2030.

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Difference between the Indian Navy and the Merchant Navy

Most people may get confused and may consider Indian Navy and Merchant Navy to be the same, so here are some of the key factors to clear out the misconception and differentiate both professions:

                    Indian Navy                Merchant Navy 
It is the maritime armed force of the Indian
Armed ForcesIt’s controlled by the
Government of India

Indian Navy operates within and beyond the territorial waters of India depending on the situation

It offers a career that involves serving the
country with a patriotic value to it
It’s a commercial marine service that transports goods and passengers across the World

It’s controlled by both Government of India and other private and public shipping companies
Merchant Navy operates mostly within the territorial waters of different countries unless required

It offers a career that involves traveling the world 

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Eligibility Criteria for Joining Merchant Navy

In case you are wondering, how to join the merchant navy after the 12th and what is the eligibility criteria for it, so here are the basic eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill: 

  • Candidate should have an aggregated score of 60% after studying Physics, Mathematics, or Chemistry
  • The applicant’s age should be between 17 to 25 Years
  • The candidate should be physically fit and should not have any kind of disability
  • Applicant should have documental proof of 10+2 passing certificate
  • Applicant should also have proper residential proof of being an Indian citizen
  • A fitness certificate is required
  • An entrance test will be conducted
  • Candidate should not have any vision defect

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How to Join Merchant Navy after the 12th?

Here is a simple and easy way and by following which you can apply to join Merchant Navy after your 12th:

Step 1– Head over to Indian Merchant Navy’s Official Website and read and take an overview of the website

Step 2– Click on the “Joining Process” which will redirect you to the joining formalities page

Step 3– Here you can see all the necessary documents required which is also needed to be attached while filling out the application form

Step 4–  Click on “Apply Online Now” and will proceed to the application form page where you need to fill out your basic details and pay an amount of Rs.100 to submit your application successfully. You can easily use any online money transfer medium provided there.

Step 5– If your application gets shortlisted then as mentioned earlier you need to appear for an entrance exam which will be followed by a screen test and written test and a medical test.

Step 6– After you cleared all the tests you will be asked for a personal interview where you will be evaluated on the basis of knowledge, communication skills, etc

Step 7– If you successfully clear all the rounds and the evaluator finds you a perfect fit then you will be greeted with an Offer letter to join the Merchant Navy and you be provided with proper training before onboarding.

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Documents Required

Here are a few documents that are required during the joining process of the Merchant Navy:

  • 10+2 Passing Certificate
  • 10th Passing Certificate
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Two Passport Sized Photo
  • Copy of Medical Certificates
  • Affidavit on Rs. 50 Stamp Paper
  • Copy of Passport (if present)
  • CV

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DetailsBE Marine
BTech Marine EngineeringMTech Marine Engineering
Duration4 years4 years2 years
Colleges--Andhra University, Southern Academy of Maritime Studies,
-Academy of Maritime Education and Training University
-Cochin University of Science and
-C.V. Raman Global University, MAKAUT,
-Indian Maritime University
Andhra University College of Engineering, NIT Karnataka, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Marine Engineering and Research Institute
Entrance ExamsJEE,
Average Course Fees (INR)INR 15,000 – 15 LINR 4 – 14 LINR 1 – 7 L


Q1. Can someone with an eyesight problem join the merchant navy?

An applicant without color blindness and with glasses within plus or minus 2.5 can apply to join for Merchant Navy.

Q2. What is the average salary of a Merchant Navy in India?

The salary of a Merchant Navy India can vary from INR 25,000 to 60,000 depending on the post and according to statistics, the average salary of a Merchant Navy is Rs. 3 Lakh per annum.

Q3. Can I join the Merchant Navy after the 10th?

Yes, you can but the probability of getting selected is very low. It’s highly recommended to complete your 12th and graduation for future promotions and battery salary packages.

This was everything related to how to join the merchant navy after the 12th. If you wish to learn more about other emerging career options out there in India and always want to stay updated you can visit our page You can also follow and connect with us through our socials like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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