Raising Funds at Leverage Edu: A Journey in Itself

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In the summer of ‘17, when I was raising ₹ for the first time (Angel 💰), I did not understand the concept of good/bad investor.

You are yourself figuring out the market, your offering’s value prop, co-workers, admin, etc etc – everyday survival 🙂

Few things are bound to go wrong, & do go wrong. You learn. You pick up. And how quickly you accelerate & evolve increases the odds 💯

Second time I raised ₹ (& this time it was $ too), I moved one level up because I ‘chose’ b/w multiple term sheets (was difficult for me personally/ got help from my mentor 🙏🏻). But I was so glad in hindsight – because truly, not all 💴 have the same colour.

^ Who you get for advice, to invest in your own personal growth – means everything!

Last qtr, I moved one more level up – because I got the confidence/courage, to not engage with investors who aren’t best fit for Leverage Edu. And that – was so liberating!

You’re giving someone a part of your life’s best (& only) work, of your dreams, of your blood & commitment – let that sink, & remember that on the table. Changes everything 🙏🏻

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