Lomonosov Moscow State University

Public University

Moskva, Russia

Established in 1755 during the Enlightenment era by the eminent polymath and scientist Mikhail Lomonosov, the Lomonosov Moscow State University holds the honour of being the first-ever university to be set up in Russia. The vibrant and cross-cultural university campus plays host to around 47,000 stu Read more


Highlights of Lomonosov Moscow State University

  • Lomonosov Moscow State University features an open and stimulating study environment for students.
  • The university provides industrial placement schemes to help students get better jobs.
  • Highly talented and experienced teaching staff and educational experts constitute the university’s faculty.
  • The library system of Lomonosov Moscow State University is one of the biggest systems in the country comprising of around nine million books.
  • Famous Alumni
    Petr Aven

    International businessman, economist and politician.

    Mikhail Gorbachev

    Former General Secretary Soviet Union

    Irina Baeva

    Russian model and actress

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