TOEFL Speaking Task: Some people prefer work that allows them to move around outdoors.

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Some people prefer work that allows them to move around outdoors

Q- Some people prefer work that allows them to move around outdoors. Others feel it is more pleasant to work in an office. Which do you prefer, and why?

Ans: I’ve worked in both environments, a snug office setting and one that allowed me enough liberty to move around outdoors and work. Since I’ve had the best of both worlds, I’ll be the first to say that working in a corporate atmosphere that allows you the flexibility and leeway to move around while working is a dream come true. To put it into perspective, working while having the freedom to move outdoors and do what your heart wishes may be very emancipating and relaxing to the mind, especially if you work in a hectic, corporate setting. Since I am a creative writer, enclosed environments make me feel anxious and constrained, and I need my personal space to move around and think freely to properly make use of my creative juices. This is one of the sole reasons I enjoy working in office settings where you are allowed to move freely. 


I recall working for an organisation that allowed me to work while moving outdoors and do things at my leisure. When I think about it, I understand that I was able to work more efficiently and produce higher-quality outcomes than when I was working in enclosed office spaces that didn’t allow me as much freedom. After a while, creative writing can become quite hectic and frustrating. This is why, when I was allowed to move outdoors and take in a couple of breathers during my work hours, it was more than enough to reinvigorate my mind and spirit. Enclosed environments, in my opinion, will only hinder productivity and efficacy. This is related to the fundamental human psyche. We are social beings after all. Putting us into enclosed spaces will make us feel constrained and restricted. That being stated, I would like to reiterate my belief that work that allows you to move around outdoors is preferable to working in enclosed offices.

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