Study Abroad: What is International Students Day? Why is it Celebrated?

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Study Abroad: What is International Students Day? Why is it Celebrated

Today is International Students’ Day. It’s a global celebration of international student groups. International students who are studying abroad are celebrating this day. This day plays a significant role in global students’ lives.


History of International Students’ Day

International Students’ Day is celebrated on November 17 every year. This day is celebrated on the anniversary of the Nazi invasion of a university in Prague in 1939. This day is a tribute to students who were killed during the Hitler’s regime. Main aim of this day is to honor those students and to raise awareness of the obstacles facing us in the present.It is Originally intended to honor the more than 1,200 students of the University of Prague who lost their lives in World War II. International Students’ Day has evolved over the years. It provides a huge opportunity for higher education institutions (HEI) around the world.

Significance of International Students Day

Creativity and innovation flourish when people from different cultures meet, talk, exchange ideas and learn from each other in a significant manner. It is believed that awareness of diversity and undertaking of differences is very crucial for children to grow and shine into individuals who can easily tackle challenges and find a new way to succeed. 

How to Celebrate International Students’ Day

International Students conduct events on campus to signify the concerns for what they are volunteering for, take part in cheerful competitions, consume food etc. They’re are some useful points to celebrate International Students’ Day.

  • They also showcase and celebrate the acts of social responsibility. 
  • Spend this great day on the highs and lows of student life.
  • Take part in the international students community and take part in events over there.

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