Study Abroad: Applying for the 2023 Young Professionals Program in UNIDO

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Study Abroad: Applying for the 2023 Young Professionals Program in UNIDO
The UNIDO or United Nations Industrial Development Organization is finding dynamic, young as well as motivated candidates who want to fulfil their service to others through a proper international organization.

The UNIDO is looking for highly motivated candidates who are capable of helping others through an international organisation. The people who are applying for such a program should not be more than 30 years old at the time of filling out the application.


Even though they will prioritize technical application, the UNIDO stated that they would focus on boosting the workforce while also welcoming female candidates. 

The UNIDO is one of the most popular agencies in the United Nations that promote proper development of industrial aspects to reduce poverty. 

Study Abroad: Applying for the 2023 Young Professionals Program in UNIDO

The UNIDO also focus on environmental and globalisation sustainability. The primary objective of UNIDO is to accelerate as well as promote ISID within the Member States. 

The ISID is one of the most important approaches of the three pillars of sustainable development. SDG-9 has completely recognized the mandate of the UNIDO. However, the proper relevance of ISID will be applied to either a lesser or greater extent to all SDGs. 

These programmatic fields will undoubtedly contain a specific number of individual programmes, which will be implemented in a manner to come up with proper outcomes. The core functions of the UNIDO will also be carried out. 

UNIDO 2023 Young Professionals Program 

The primary job of the director of SDG IET is to develop different types of service modules based on the to-be-developed and existing capacities of the service models. 

The position will also be located within the Division of Climate and Technology Partnerships. 

The primary focus of IET/CTP is to design, identify, coordinate, and negotiate the different types of partnerships as well as support to elaborate the joint technical cooperation between actions and programs. 

The global partnership of UNIDO will be coordinated by the division for Hydrogen in Industry. Apart from that, the Division will also facilitate knowledge management. 

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