SOP for Economics: Guidelines, Do’s and Don’t’s, Samples

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SOP for Economics

A Statement of Purpose is an informative document that contains personal statements and is required as part of the admission procedure for study abroad programmes. It is also known as an application essay and includes a candidate’s basic information, professional and personal interests, academic highlights, and future goals. 


An SOP is essential in the application process for a study abroad programme because it provides the admissions committee with important information about the candidate and why they want to study a specific course at their institution. It not only describes who you are as a person, but it also provides information about your writing abilities and English language proficiency.

If you want to study economics in Australia, Canada, United Kindom or the United States, you must have a well-presented SOP. SOP assists you in making a compelling case to both the university admissions committee and the VISA officer. Read to know the process of crafting a perfect SOP for Economics.

Guidelines for Writing an SOP for Economics

In terms of content, structure, and chosen university overseas, your SOP for Economics will be slightly different from other programs. Some of these significant distinctions are as follows:

  • Unlike for Sciences and Arts courses, your Economics statement must strongly focus on your academic discipline, stating your goal to choose specific academic subjects for the next 3-4 years.
  • Prerequisite training in high-level mathematics is a must for students seeking admission to an Economics program. Even though your transcripts and applications provide evidence for this need, students are advised to focus on their Mathematics skills when developing their SOP for Economics.
  • Graduate applicants place a great value on their work and life experiences. Furthermore, several universities, such as the University of Toronto, UBC, and others, require you to submit research work.

SOP for Economics: Do’s and Dont’s

Your statement of purpose for a bachelor, master or PhD programme in economics, graduate programme, or undergraduate programme should be accurate, concise, engaging, and well-written. Keep in mind that each experience you present should be coherent and well-connected. This leaves no room for ambiguity. As a result, in your SOP economics, follow these Do and Don’ts.


  1. Maintain a positive tone throughout the SOP.
  2. It is crucial to stick to the word limit.
  3. Stick strictly to the SOP format.
  4. Incorporate your work experience into your SOP.
  5. Be genuine about your abilities and limitations.


  1. Do not include your name in your SOP for Economics.
  2. Do not write your SOP at the last minute.
  3. Do not write your SOP for MSc/Masters/Doctoral/PhD in Economics in a friendly/ casual tone.
  4. Don’t be outright direct with your views.

Skills to Include in Your SOP

Your MSc/Masters/Doctoral/PhD SOP in Economics should be detailed. Economics is a research-intensive field of study with numerous career options in finance, banking, consulting firms, market research, government, and social enterprises.

As a result, secure your position in a reputable company by developing an impressive SOP for the time being. Your SOP for economics should highlight these skills to stand out from the crowd:

  • Creativity
  • Aptitude for Research
  • Capabilities in Information Gathering
  • Writing Ability for Academic/Research
  • Knowledge of Economics Specialisation (applying for)
  • Mindset for Experiential Learning
  • Ability to Communicate Verbally
  • Curiosity
  • Independent Thinking/Critical Thinking
  • Problem-solving

SOP for Economics: Samples

The following is a sample statement of purpose for the Master of Science in Economics programme at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. 

SOP for Economics

This particular SOP is crafted for a student applying for an MA in Economics at Queen’s University, Canada.

SOP for Economics


We understand that writing an SOP can be intimidating. But don’t worry, we are here to assist you in understanding the nuances and creating a concise SOP in terms of format and guidelines. Most countries’ SOP writing style remains consistent. In the case of a program-specific statement of purpose for Economics, however, you can re-engineer the original draught to meet the University’s specifications.


Q1. How do you write an economic sop?

Ans. Your SOP should go over all of your relevant life experiences, academic and professional background (if applicable), career goals, co-curricular activities, volunteering/community involvement, and so on.

Q2. How do I start an economics personal statement?

Ans. Start the SOP by giving a general introduction to why you want to study Economics; this could include a specific aspect of the subject that interests you (but explain why) when your interest was piqued, and how a degree in Economics fits in with your future career goals.

Q3. What makes a good economics personal statement?

Ans. The best examples of business economics personal statements discuss a student’s interests, goals, strengths, and motivations. It paints a picture for the university of who you are and why you will be successful with them.

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