5 Best Restaurants Near Emory University

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best restaurants near emory university

Emory University, a private university in Atlanta, USA, is one of the most selective universities to get into, with an acceptance rate of 13%. But if you do get in, then there are a range of opportunities that await your arrival. But there’s more. Apart from the academic aspect of it, the food scene near the university is brilliant as well. A variety of cuisines live a short distance from the university, where students can pay a visit to calm their hunger. If you are a foodie, then even better. So the main question arises, within this scene, what are the best restaurants near Emory University? Read this blog to find out! 

Name of Restaurant ETA from Emory University 
Sankranti2-minute walk 
Double Zero2-minute walk 
Wagaya – Emory Village1-minute walk 
The White Bull5-minute drive
Falafel King2-minute walk 


How about that? An Indian restaurant near the vicinity of Emory University is at the top of the list of the best restaurants near the university. This restaurant offers takeout as well, so students can quickly order and be on their way while savouring the deliciousness of the food here. If you love spice, the Chana Masala bowl is your friend. The indoor and outdoor setting also works great for students, as they eat and study in the corner in the restaurant’s quiet and peaceful ambience. 

Source: Yelp
Yelp Rating 4/5
Location 1569 N Decatur Rd Atlanta, GA 30307

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Double Zero

An American restaurant with Italian food, Double Zero has some great pizzas and pasta. At the restaurants, the menu is diverse therefore you can find vegetarian as well as vegan options. There’s outdoor seating for you to enjoy the fresh air while you await your order and eat the food. Moreover, the restaurant also provides a valet service. Planning to eat dinner somewhere new this weekend? Double Zero is the place to be! 

Source: Yelp
Yelp Rating 4/5
Popular Dishes Chicken Meatballs; Margherita Pizza;Caesar Salad
Location 1577 N Decatur Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30307
Contact(404) 991-3666

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Wagaya – Emory Village

The next on the list of best restaurants near Emory University is Wagaya – Emory Village! It is a Japanese restaurant with some of the best seafood for all the foodies out there. Classic Japanese food from sushi, ramen, and donburi, is its specialisation which is offered at reasonable prices to the customers. Moreover, the place is good for a group of friends or family and has an atmosphere with moderate noise. If you are looking for a go-to regular Japanese restaurant, then Wagaya shall surely be on your list. 

Source: Yelp
Yelp Rating 4/5
Popular Dishes Yellowtail;Takoyaki;Tonkatsu
Location 1579 N Decatur Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30307
Contact(678) 949-9278

The White Bull

One of the best restaurants near Emory University, The White Bull is a farm-to-table restaurant that takes inspiration from Italian cuisine and focuses on house-milled pasta. There are vegan options at this restaurant as well, with a specific dessert menu included! Moreover, the presentation of food at this place is just as exquisite as the food itself! Oh, and the drinks and the service do not disappoint either. 

Source: Yelp

Yelp Rating 4.5/5
Popular Dishes Chicken Livers; Tres Leches; Roasted Half Chicken
Location 123 E Court Square Decatur, GA 30030
Contact(404) 600-5649

Falafel King

As the name suggests, Falafel Sandwich is one of the most popular dishes of the restaurant, Falafel King. Along with their specialisation in this cuisine, customers can also get the taste of Spicy Tuna Rolls and Sushis! In terms of affordability, the meals are quite inexpensive, with a straightforward order-on-the-counter process. Although there might be limited, it’s more because of the restaurant’s popularity among college students! So the next time you’re on the Emory campus and wish to visit a place for a quick bite/easy pickup, Falafel King is right around the corner!

Source: Yelp
Yelp Rating 4/5
Popular Dishes Falafel Sandwich; Chicken Shawarma; Spicy Tuna Roll
Location 1405 Oxford Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30307
Contact(404) 377-1716

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Where do Emory students hang out?

Some of the hangout places for Emory students are the bars in Midtown and Buckhead in Atlanta. 

Is Emory University in a nice area?

Yes, Emory University is in a nice area with a grand neighbourhood of a diverse city with cuisines and culture. 

What is a good spot for breakfast near Emory University?

Sun in My Belly, a European neighborhood cafe serving breakfast and brunch is a good spot for breakfast near Emory University. 

So, we look forward to you checking out the aforementioned recommendations for the best restaurant near Emory University! If you are looking to study in USA, then you can reach out to our experts at 1800 57 2000! Found this interesting and informative? Stay tuned to Wings by Leverage Edu for more such blogs! 

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