How to Write a Travelogue?

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How to Write a Travelogue

A lot of students travel to study abroad for their studies. Out of these lots, many students take up different jobs to survive abroad or even pursue their dreams abroad. Vlogging is one of the most taken-up careers by these Genz students. Amongst, vlogging, travelogue has become one of the most popular genres. It also becomes very feasible for students to start their travel vlogging. When you are an avid traveller and studying abroad, this guide will provide you with comprehensive steps to write a travelogue and craft an engaging memorable travelogue.


Format of a Travelogue

There is no certain format for a travelogue. However, some elements are needed to be mentioned in a vlog. These include:


The first part of a travelogue can be your introduction. It can also include the introduction of the place and its cultural significance.

Body Paragraph

After the introduction, there are some elements like; Transportation facilities, eateries and restaurants, historical attractions, entertainment attractions and other places. You can include all the sightseeing places with their nature. 


Conclude the travelogue with your experience and also share some emotional aspects of the trip to connect with the readers personally. 

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Tips To Write a Travelogue

Along with the elements mentioned above, here are some of the tips to write the travelogue. 

Research the Place Thoroughly

Before starting the travelogue, it is important to research the space. Only research can help you to mention the accurate places and their significance. Make sure you mention accurate details to help the readers understand. Keep a camera handy to capture the images for later. 

Write Down in Descriptions

After researching, make sure to write down the places in the descriptions. The reader can read the descriptions and have an idea of the places. Make sure you mention the correct details of the places along with their historical significance. 

Highlight the Various Attractions

A writer needs to mention all the attractions of the city. These attractions are noted down in different categories such as eateries and restaurants, historical places, etc.

Mention the Mode of Transportation

Include the transportation facilities provided in the country. The list can include various types of transportation facilities like buses, trains and other type of transportation. You can also include the cost of different types of transportation for their reference.

Mention the Cultural Background of the Place

It is very important to mention the cultural background of the place. It gives a richer value to the place. Most people want to know the historical and cultural background of any place. You can also include the background and the weather of the place so that it makes it easy for people to pack.

List Down Some Famous Eateries

It is very important to mention some famous and affordable eateries in the location. A lot of people who are travelling to a new country find it difficult to find good restaurants for their food likings. It will help the readers if there is a detailed list of the restaurants according to the cuisines.  

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What is the format to write a travelogue?

There is no set pattern or format to write a travelogue. However, they are mostly written in the form of essays which follow the format of an introduction, body and conclusion. 

What are the reasons that the candidates should write a travelogue?

Every person writes a travelogue with different purposes. Some of the most common reasons or purposes to write a travelogue are to preserve memories, form a connection with local communities or know the purpose for travel.

How can I write a travelogue in Class 10?

Knowing the format of the travelogue for students in class 10 is very important. Students can divide the section into sections such as travel, climate and eating joints. 

Hope you get to know about how to write a travelogue while studying abroad. Keep an eye on the Leverage Edu study abroad page. 

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