How to Register for the GRE Exam in India? 

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How to Register for the GRE Exam in India? 

GRE aspirants hailing from India can register themselves for the exam both via online modes or by phone in 2023. In essence, it is very easy for students who wish to partake in the GRE General Tests or the GRE subject test to register at their desired examination centres in 2023. Individuals who wish to register for the GRE General/Subject Test at Home must do so via their official ETS accounts. Read the article to learn more about how to register for the GRE exam in India. 

Name of the TestGRE
Full Form Graduate Record Examinations 
Duration 3 hours 45 minutes (general)
3 hours 40 minutes (paper-based) 
ModeOnline (computer-based) 
Offline  (paper-based) 

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Individuals aspiring to partake in the GRE exam (2023) are advised to register expeditiously as it may be a hassle for authorities to allot seats at the last moment. Therefore, one must book their slots and register for their preferred exam date and centre during the GRE Slot Booking. The registration and slot booking process in the Indian subcontinent is usually based on the first-cum-first-serve policy. Hence, as stated, one must register for the exam as soon as the deadlines are officially declared. 

GRE Registration 2023 in India 

Indian aspirants looking forward to registering for the GRE 2023 Exam can go through the mentioned processes and guidelines below to register for the GRE Exam (2023). 

How to Register for the GRE? (Online)

Individuals who wish to apply for the GRE exam (2023) via online modes can do so by adhering to the following steps: 

  1. One must first create their official ETS accounts for a successful registration. 
  2. Individuals then will be required to create their test-taker profiles. 
  3. Once done with that, aspirants will be required to select their desired test dates and exam venues. 
  4. It is advised that candidates register themselves at least two days prior to their selected dates and submit their registration forms. 
  5. It is imperative for one the pay the requisite amount of registration fee to ensure a successful application process. The GRE registration fee in India is INR 22,550.
  6. In the end, one must submit their application. 

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How to Register for the GRE Exam 2023 (Offline)? 

Candidates intending to sit for the ETS GRE 2023 Exam can opt for offline registration as well. ETS has provided enough flexibility to candidates for registration, i.e., one can register themselves in other ways apart from the online mode. These methods are: 

  1. GRE Registration by Mail  

Indian Candidates can send their GRE registration or application forms to the given address via mail to ensure a successful application process. It is to be noted that one must pay the requisite registration fee simultaneously to submit their forms. 

2nd floor, DLF Infinity Tower–A
Sector 25, Phase II,
DLF City, Gurgaon,
Haryana – 122002

  1. GRE Registration by Phone

Individuals can register for the GRE exam (2023) in India via a phone call as well. To do so, one must: 

  1. Call the  Regional Registration Center (RRC) at the phone number  91-124-4147700. 
  2. One must ensure to call the authorities two days prior to the GRE test date.

c)  GRE Registration by Fax

         Indian applicants can register for the GRE exam in 2023 via fax as well. To do so, one must: 

  1.  Print and complete the GRE application form 2023.
  2. Send their GRE application forms to 91-124-4147773. 
  3. One must send their GRE application forms seven days prior to their preferred test date. 

GRE Subject Test Registration 2023 in India

Indian students intending to register for the GRE Subject Test 2023 can adhere to the following steps for applying: 

  1. One must first visit the official ETS website. 
  2. Then, individuals are required to create their own test-taker profiles. 
  3. Once done with that, candidates are required to select the option of ‘GRE Subject Test’. One must opt for the test that they are interested in giving. 
  4. Individuals are then required to submit their GRE subject test registration forms along with the requisite amount of application fees, i.e., INR 14,500. 
  5. One must ensure to select their preferred test dates and centres during the registration process. 

GRE 2023 Registration: Rescheduling the GRE Test

Individuals can reschedule their GRE registration in India (2023) four days prior to their test date. Those who are unable to reschedule their registration dates will not be provided any fee refunds. Apart from that the test fee of such individuals will be forfeited. One can reschedule their GRE Test by: 

  1. Submitting the fee for rescheduling the GRE Test, i.e., INR 5,000. 
  2. Logging into their ETS accounts and opting for the reschedule option. 

Individuals hailing from the Indian subcontinent cannot reschedule their appointments after a point of one year. 

GRE 2023 Registration: Cancelling the GRE Test

Similar to the rescheduling process, one must opt for GRE exam cancellation four days prior to the actual test date. Those unable to do so will not be refunded.  


1. How to register for the GRE test at home?

Individuals intending to undertake the GRE Test at Home must register at the official ETS GRE website and opt for the option of ‘GRE at Home’. 

2. How to apply for the GRE General Test? 

Individuals must first create their test-taker profiles, and then select their preferred centre and book their desired slots. 

3. What is the cost of the GRE exam?

Indian nationals are required to pay an amount of INR 22,400 to register for the GRE Exam.  

The GRE Exam is conducted to gauge the aptitude and cognitive prowess of meritorious individuals who wish to get admitted into some of the best graduate and professional schools in the globe. 

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