GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions: Question Types, Sample Questions, Best Books 

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The GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions are designed to assess your analytical and critical thinking skills. GMAT test-takers will encounter such questions in the Verbal Section of the GMAT Exam. The critical reasoning questions require test takers to analyse an argument and answer questions after comprehending the underlying subtext behind the argument. Such questions typically include a prompt of 100 words or less that presents an argument, poses a question stem, and offers five answer choices. The GMAT verbal section comprises approximately 13 critical reasoning questions. For a more comprehensive understanding keep reading the blog. l

Name of the Exam GMAT 
Duration 3 Hours 7 Minutes 
Sections 4
Score Range 200-800
Questions 80

GMAT Critical Reasoning Question Types 

Critical reasoning questions in the GMAT verbal section are fragmented into two key segments, i.e., a premise and a conclusion. Students are required to evaluate, comprehend, and identify these segments to ace such questions. There are five types ofreasoning questions in the verbal section of the GMAT exam. You must know these question types to score better in the verbal section. Refer to the table to go through each question type. 

GMAT CR Question TypeRequirement Estimated Time of Completion
Inference You need to come to a conclusion based on the evidence2 minutes 
Find the assumptionYou need to identify the appropriate assumption for an argument. 1-2 minutes
Strengthen an argumentYou need to identify the assumption that best supports an argument. 2 minutes 
Weaken an argument You need to identify the statement that weakens the core argument. 1.5-2 minutes 
Paradox You need to identify and rectify the paradox in the argument. 2 minutes 

GMAT Critical Reasoning Sample Questions 

The critical reasoning questions assess an individual’s ability to evaluate, comprehend, and respond to arguments effectively. These questions test crucial skills such as strengthening or weakening arguments, identifying underlying assumptions, and providing supportive evidence. Managers frequently encounter similar challenges in the workplace, and GMAT critical reasoning questions aim to develop these essential skills for future managerial success.

Arguments play a pivotal role in business, and the ability to critically evaluate arguments is an invaluable asset for any manager. Recognizing this importance, most business schools prioritise equipping students with the proficiency to handle such questions in real-world managerial scenarios. Here are some of the most commonly asked critical reasoning questions in the verbal section of the GMAT section. 

Download Sample Questions: Click Here to Download 

Best Books to Improve Your Critical Reasoning Skills for the GMAT 

Refer to the following table to purchase the best GMAT preparation books. These books will help you prepare for the critical reasoning questions in the verbal section. 

Name of the Book Name of the Author/Publisher PricePurchase Link 
GMAT Official Guide Verbal Review 2022GMACINR 855Click Here To Purchase
GMAT VERBAL WORKBOOKKaplan Test PrepINR 1,277Click Here To Purchase
GMAT Critical Reasoning BibleDavid M KilloranINR 2, 361Click Here To Purchase
GMAT Critical Reasoning Manhattan PrepINR 4, 156Click Here To Purchase

The GMAT critical reasoning questions test students in terms of their logical reasoning and critical thinking abilities. These questions require students to analyse an argument and answer questions after understanding the core gist of the argument. The difficulty level of such questions differs from moderate to tough, and they may seem challenging to some. However, with proper preparation and the help of the GMAT prep books mentioned in this blog, you can definitely ace such questions with ease.

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Q1. How many critical reasoning questions are there in the GMAT verbal section? 

Ans. There are around 13 critical reasoning questions in the GMAT verbal section. 

Q2. What are the types of critical reasoning questions asked in the GMAT? 

Ans. Students attempting the GMAT verbal section will encounter various types of critical reasoning questions, including inference-based questions, assumption identification, argument strengthening/weakening, and paradox identification.

Q3. How much time should you devote to each critical reasoning question? 

Ans. Students must devote around 1-2 minutes to each critical reasoning question asked in the GMAT verbal section. 

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