Study Abroad In US: Cultural Diversity is the Key to Development as per Oakland University

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Study Abroad In US Cultural Diversity is the Key to Development as per Oakland University
OU celebrates the beauty of diversity at the Multicultural Festival that took place at the Waterford Montessori Academy in Waterford Township.

Oakland University has long divested its resources to promote cultural diversity and inclusion through its programs and practices. The University believes that promoting cultural diversity allows the entire student base at OU to engage better with other nationals, have greater knowledge about co-existing cultures, and become more accepting of the beliefs of others. To stand for this practice, the University participated in the Multicultural Festival organized by Waterford Montessori Academy in Waterford Township, Mich.

Petra Knoche, an international adviser with the International Students and Scholars Office and the Office of Global Engagement at OU, said that there is immense importance of such cultural events as all the students are not able to travel outside the US for some reason. Knoche added that such events are a “hands-on way” to promote cultural diversity.

Multicultural Festival

Depth of The Event: Multicultural Festival

The event at Waterford Montessori Academy had participants from nearly 20 different countries and ethnicities which made the event a great success. The International Adviser Knoche was overwhelmed while commenting that such a big gathering at a multicultural festival was something to be noticed after a long time. She was happy to see the children participate and bring out the values and traditions of their cultures. The myriad cultural backgrounds at the Multicultural Festival included participation from countries like Germany, Italy, Mexico, Jordan, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, the Philippines, Canada, Nigeria, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Taiwan.

OU’s Participation

Oakland University sent 10 international students to the massive event. These students wore their traditional outfits to the event and also brought traditional dishes for the other students to enjoy and indulge. A student, Eggers, said, “Holding hands with a bunch of new people and trying to learn a new dance really made the strangers seem more familiar.” 

Thus, cultural diversity is something that can bring countries together and is promoting the international students who are looking to study abroad in different countries while belonging to entirely different ethnicities. It is a huge boost to international students as such events bring peace to the rigidity of the society that the youngsters are building.

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